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About Me

 Hello! If you're reading this, it (probably) means you want to know more about who this "Sir Floof" guy is. I just want to let you know that it means a lot to me. Anyway, on with the information!

     I'm a teenager who lives in Puerto Rico. I've lived here my entire life, and I think it's a pretty nice place, mostly because I live in a very quiet and peaceful suburban neighborhood. Not much happens here, and to be honest that's how I like it. I like visiting noisy, bustling cities, but living there would suck.

     If you're wondering what my interests are, I usually respond to that question by saying video games and cartoons/anime. Video games have been a lifelong hobby of mine ever since I first played the Game Boy Advance SP many years ago. My current gaming setup consists of a desktop PC and a Switch. I mainly play games on my Switch given how convenient it is, but I still like my PC and maintain the opinion that PC is the better platform. I've also tried to make video games before, and I'm looking into learning how to code to avoid relying on drag and drop stuff. If you're interested in playing the games I've made so far, you can find them here. As for cartoons/anime, take a look at my profile picture and you can probably tell which one I'm currently obsessed with.

     I also like listening to music a lot. Sometimes I'll put on some music at a lowish volume while I study or write something. Like this About Me, for example! I also have a passing interest in books, mostly just comics and manga volumes. There's a small collection of books sitting behind my monitor. I wish I could make comics, but I don't have the talent or drive to practice drawing. I have friends who draw pretty well, though, so maybe I could write comics. I'm not very good at writing either, though...

     Some other random tidbits about me include:

  • My favorite food is chicken nuggets/tenders. You're never too old for those.
  • I'm a furry. I don't participate in the furry fandom, but my love for anthropomorphic animals is there.
  • Asking me to choose my favorite video game is like asking someone to choose their favorite child. I just can't!
  • The longest thing I've ever read is Homestuck.
  • Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are the best ponies. That's not a tidbit, that's just a fact.

That's all I have to say here. Feel free to follow me!


If you want to add me on Switch, then here's my friend code: SW-1446-0985-3109

If you just want to talk, my contact methods are in the bottom left corner of this page. Discord is probably the best place to reach me.