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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Back from the dead!

    1. Kyoshi


      You live! :D What's up?

    2. Nyan Neon

      Nyan Neon

      I was kinda tired of MLP for a while, but i'm back now and I can't stop thinking about ponies! How are you doin'?

  3. I think it's perfect, it reminds me of a real paintbrush.
  4. By that I mean OCs who are made for fanfics and such. If your character isn't enjoyable to others besides yourself, you won't grow as a writer or whatever media you're doing.
  5. I'm bored~ I think i'll play some Agar.io

  6. Thanks! This really helped. She doesn't have magic, I think I worded it pretty badly, especially since my english isn't the best She was supposed to be able to sense gemstones from some distance away, since she has a strong connection with the earth, being an earth pony and stuff like that (tell me if this is still not very show accurate). I'll try making her mane a little longer~ I made her interested in magic because she likes gemstones, and they're known to have magical properties in Equestria =P Garnet Shine seems nice. I like it! I'm going to work more on her backstory, I like your questions about her character and i'll try to awnser hem in her backstory~ I'll try to explain why she's self-conscious as well (if it doesn't work i'll just drop it). Also, she has a friend named Opal and once i'm done with her, i'm gonna make Opal, and since Opal is such a important part of her story this will probably make her a more interesting character. Thanks a lot for the criticism, i'll let you know once I edit her character page
  7. Oh, so he is gay? I'm actually... not fine with that, since he's a very obvious gay stereotype...
  8. Thanks! ~charactercharactercharacter~
  9. They're lovers. I'm sure that the show made them "best friends" because gay couples is still taboo.
  10. Pinkie. She's second now, Twily is best pony~
  11. Do browser games count? So... Epic Battle Fantasy 3 epic mode I recommend any turn based RPG fan playing it, it's really fun
  12. Criticism is something you always should accept unless you really don't care about what anyone else thinks about your OC, thus not making it worth sharing. Of course you don't need to agree with the criticism, but don't just call it "haters" and be like that. Remember, artists who don't accept others opinions are seen as close minded and pretentious. By the way, i'm not talking about you/your OC. I'm just saying that this advice is not very good/was badly worded.
  13. So... umm... are you still helping? If so, i'd like you to take a look at my OC. I want her to feel like she could fit in the show, but i'm not sure if her personality and backstory are good enough She's a work in progress, so i'm willing to change some things. Also, you can comment on her appearance if you want to Take your time, I don't mind waiting :grin2: https://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/garnet-ruby-r8561