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  1. FancyPant's

    What's the longest you've stayed up?

    It wasent a great experience, But I am happy it happened, Otherwise I would never know what if feels like. So I suppose it slipped in there without me knowing
  2. FancyPant's

    What's the longest you've stayed up?

    I have stayed up for around 50 hours. After the first 35 hours or so I didn't want to sleep and couldent even If I tried. Eventually after around 4 hours of trying to sleep I finally dosed off, It wasen't the greatest Experience! I have currently been up for around 28 hours but generally I go to bed after round 16 or 18 hours
  3. FancyPant's

    Greetings MLPforums

    Welcome to the forums Aner! I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I am! What games do you play the most? I personally play Csgo, Arma 3 and other fps games
  4. FancyPant's

    Gaming First Easter egg you discovered by yourself

    I don't know if its an easter egg but the party planner in terraria looks like Pinkie pie. Pink hair, Pink clothes, Overall alot of pink!
  5. FancyPant's

    ~Hi Everypony~

    Welcome to the forums Bluebelle! I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I am!
  6. FancyPant's

    What is your shoe size?

    14 US size. I have big feet
  7. FancyPant's

    Fact chain!

    There are approximately 61,000 people flying over the U.S. at any given time.
  8. FancyPant's

    Movies/TV What movie are you dying to see?

    Antman, Friendship games and basicly all marvel movies in the next years!
  9. FancyPant's

    What Type Of Friend Are You?

    A true friend I would follow a friend through thick and thin, No matter what it is. I have done it many times already.
  10. FancyPant's

    Bachelor's III Solo piano cover

    Sounds amazing, I quite like this kind of music!
  11. FancyPant's

    Hi, folks!

    Welcome to the forum Quinch, I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I am!
  12. FancyPant's

    Hello fillies and gentlecolts!

    Welcome to the fourms, As Senpai said you and ooBrony will get along! I hope you enjoy it here!
  13. FancyPant's

    Books What's your favorite book?

    Thanks! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
  14. FancyPant's

    Books What's your favorite book?

    The lord of the rings trilogy and all J. R. R. Tolkien's work for that matter!
  15. FancyPant's

    Grand theft pony (Art)

    Thanks, And sorry I was in a rush to post it, I didn't have time to go looking! Sorry