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About Me

I adore Rainbow dash!

She is just awesome!


That is possibly the best photo of Rainbow out there

It is so cute!


About me

  • I love PC gaming, I mainly play games such as Counter strike, Arma 3, The walking dead And many other games (I am mainly an FPS gamer but I do have 250 games in my library)
  • Feel free to add me, I love talking to new people and making more friends in the community!
  • I listen to alot of fan made music and a few of my favs would have to be Discord, All song by griffin village and really enjoy some of Sim Gretina remixes!
  • I dont have much to contribute to the community but I will try to provide what I am good at when I find it!
  • My favourite episode's of MLP is Sleepless in ponyville or Sonic rainboom but all of the episodes are amazing!


Music (I like all MLP music so I wont list them here XD)


In the water - Anadel

Bright eyes - Lua

Bright eyes - First day of my life

Syd Matters - Obstacles

Jose Natives - Mt. Washington

George Timothy - Seeker of the sight





This has to be one of my Favourite videos out there, It is very well made and I would recommend to watch it if you haven't already. It is simply amazing!


This video is just cool! + Rainbow Dash is awesome


And finally, This video is just very well made!






I can't begin to explain how Badass this photo is!




This photo looks amazing also (Made by Jack-a-Lynn)



I made this, First project in photoshop


I will add onto my bio when I find new things that I love!

I hope you enjoyed reading, Have a great day/night!