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  1. Private

    Sugarcube looked around slightly nervous. (what's going on?)
  2. OOC

    is there an rp link? sorry... still kinda lost
  3. We have reached Canterlot, please join our group in the search for a new life!

  4. OOC

    thanks ^^... can we start rping?
  5. Open

    "sorry... but i agree with him... it isnt safe" sugarcube said in agreement
  6. OOC

    can my OC Sugarcube be in it. she is a little filly about 7 years old... i will post a link to her form later... right now i cant cause im on an ipod
  7. Visual Art

    Aww kk thanks thats really nice ~the other dragonshy
  8. it depends on the age, and where you live
  9. my car: 2011 (i think) hyundai accent, blue (not sure what shade... any ideas nova?), 2 doors Family car: 2006 (i think) kia (not sure what kind), red, van Dad car/formerly grandpa car: 2000 (i think) chevrolet malibu, greyish, regular car
  10. i dont really like hights... but i will deal with them if i really have to... Th three S's: ~Spiders (this includes all bugs and arachnids) ~Snakes ~Sharks ---oh and also, i hate total darkness---
  11. English/American (yes i no almost everypony considers them the same language, but i feel like American is different because we have so many different words than English) is my first/native language. I also speak Italian rather well, i have taken it for 7 years now. I can understand a bit of french and spanish, and i no some sign language.
  12. Visual Art

    eeyupp and thankies
  13. Open

    "ya i'm fine" she said "are you?" she asked kindly then turned back to scopes "oh my... i wouldnt ever let nopony cht off my horn, i have nothin against earth ponies and all, but i love being a unicorn, a-and i intend to stay one"