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  1. Happy birthday! :) Hope you have a lovely time~ ^^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2013/6/7/342406/large.png

  2. Family please stop talking I can't think or draw gGgguhghghhlhghlhlhbh

  3. I'm afraid that my limited knowledge is more based around digital painting than vector art, which is a lot more of a cell-shaded look. Hopefully this can help you, though! It's obviously geared more towards Photoshop, but most of that should carry over onto any program that lets you vector. (Unless you DO happen to have a tablet and have an interest in digital painting, I could introduce you to some basic concepts I learned as a beginner, though I am by no means a master or even an expert.)
  4. @@SFyr Hey, really sorry to respond so late. Thanks for taking your time to give this a critique. BLUH, I completely missed those bare spots and forgot about brush direction (Still pretty new to actually having a direction when brushing! It's a cool painterly effect, but I gotta get used to it.) I definitely feel like gravitating towards cleaner work, and am trying to go more towards this type of cleanliness as well as color mastery (and expression in form and hella creative thought, though that's not really covered in this work, this one is just a color study). True! It does look
  5. I've been sick, really sorry for not replying to any of you earlier!

  6. oh my god the cutie marks

  7. is mlp suddenly a big music video now

  8. Let's have another go at it. This is a bit of an experiment- I've been playing around with colour theory and techniques and have finally been able to manage something worth looking at. I'm still green with colours, (kek) so, I'd like to know what you think. I don't quite have a set technique down, but what I did and will try playing with a bit more, is setting up a base colour under the sketch, painting basic colours over that (same layer, so the brush blends 'em), then airbrush some more colours into the whole thing and colour pick from there with my painting brush. I'm thinking the begin
  9. Reminder: just DO IT

  10. Little thingerino, still getting used to them colors. Should probably send this in to critique. http://rayysef.tumblr.com/image/130116230347

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    2. Lady Kiriness

      Lady Kiriness

      Nice job on that. ^^

    3. Randimaxis


      Looks like either just had an idea... or just made a bad pun.

    4. Randimaxis


      (Either way, I like it.)

  11. What should I focus on? Color Theory or Illustration? Color kinda brings the whole thingy together but.... the drawing is a bloody mess, and I rely way too much on the carving method, which is very time consuming, I feel. Bleh. http://snag.gy/wGoJJ.jpg

  12. @@Melon Blitz Really sorry I didn't respond earlier, either the message didn't get to me despite following the topic, or I probably accidentally skipped over it. Since the time I posted the topic, I have finished it and left it here. I should probably mention, I was advised not to use the colour selection tool on the actual reference, early on in using color, or I might develop a habit of using it as a crutch. I found it really hard to keep colours consistent, and the blending was real pain to manage. Since I finished it, I've also managed to get a grasp of what hue, saturation, an
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