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  1. The Extemper

    Which Pony Would You Live With?

    I would probably live with Twilight... if that wasn't obvious. I think that she would be a great room mate though I would be open to living with AJ or RD. I kind of like the idea of having a castle to myself though.
  2. The Extemper

    Which villain would you date?

    I would go with Nightmare moon. I love her voice, her design, and the high goals she has. I want to be Nightmare Moons cute little pet... Umm excuse me I should probably stop there.
  3. I choose my OC's race based on what I imagined my self being IF I was a pony. I also like the concept of magic, the unlimited amount of things that can be done with it, and the power that comes with it. So a bit of booth.
  4. The Extemper

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    I am a hero of the nerds. What is your favorite 80s movie?
  5. The Extemper

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a brony are you

    Used to be a 10 now I am probably a 4 or a 5.
  6. The Extemper

    Who's your favorite MLP analyst?

    None, I used to enjoy watching this, but then most of the analysist did one of the following: -Think that they were better then everone because they were horse famous -Call their fanbase idiots who only need their wise opinions - Over analyse a TV show ment for kids. ( Oh, the show isn't as good as season 2. Those writers a dumb!!!) -Use their fanbase to make money I am not saying all analysist do one of these. However, all of the ones I have watched have. ( Tommy Oliver, I Love KP, Digibro; etc)
  7. I loved the shit out of HE-Man, Conan The Barbarian, and GI Joe. Those 80 show probably had more rainbows and pretty colors then MLP. Oh the 80s I wish I could of grown up in you. So I wouldn't have been shocked.
  8. Only stupid bullshit news channels, like fox news, and conservative christian networks will bash us in the future. No one really cares about people liking a television show except for internet trolls and idiots.
  9. The Extemper

    Which pony/ponies would you give a hug to the most?

    Top 3: Twilight Pinkie Pie Luna :comeatus:
  10. I wouldn't really think that would be a good decision. Alicorns in season 1 and 2 were important creature with magic abilities beyond that of others. Then they seem to have lost this importance with everyone and their grandmother becoming an alicorn. It would be like every superhero becoming superman, it just dosen't really work, unless they are killed off by a great threat.
  11. The Extemper

    Would you still watch the show if there was no fandom?

    Not anymore, infact I currently don't watch it very much, I mostly just participate in the fandom. I still like it, I just feel that I have watch it too much and thus it has become cloy. I would probably completly move on if there was no fandom.
  12. The Extemper

    Would you think your oc would work well in the show?

    Yes I think my OC would work well with some design changes. My OC could be an oponent to Twilight for political standing in ponyville. The episode can make a point of showing the diference between rule by an elected official and rule by a monarch. Or maybe that would be too adult for young lads and lassies.
  13. Do you enjoy or are active in forensics and debate? If you do this is the place for you. This is a thread we can geek out in and share not only NFL experiences but we can also converse about other cool things. In your first post please list a bit about you and you Debate or Forensics experiences. Nice to meet you all. *Twirls pen* _____________________ Temp. : Likes: Dislikes: Events: Favorite flowing pen: Experience: _________________________ Likes: NFL( National Forensics League) Video games, science, and cuddly ponies. Dislikes: Hedgemony cases, Long drives, and Mcdonalds. Events: Public Forum Debate, International Extemp, Lincoln Douglas Debate, and traditional debate. Favorite Flowing pen: Bic ball point pens in a variety of colors. Experience: NFL member 1 year, 2 first place medals at different schools across kansas, and training with a great coach. I was recently promoted from a novice to a varsity.
  14. The Extemper

    "Am I the only one who..." Game

    No. Am I the only one who spends 20 minutes in the pen isle debating what pen is the best for writing and flowing speeches?(Bic is pretty good because they last long if taken care of.)
  15. The Extemper

    Has MLP improved your social life?

    No, not really. I was only realy social online, especiallty after I became relly into the fandom a few years ago. I wasn't really socially active until I joined the debate team at my Highschool.