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  1. here is my steam link if anyone wanna add me!
  2. i actually just bought horizan, but im a bit at a loss as to move to a diffrent system, dont get me wrong, i know how to move from place to place, but im trying to make money and my starter ship wont warp to the misson place because it exceeds fuel amounts
  3. i myself would like for more girls und panzar, that show was the shit, got my scottish friend into anime through that one
  4. it will propably just be a fad, oh sure there will be fanboys who use it, but sooner or later, it will die out
  5. eh, i myself dont like VR, it scares me a bit
  6. hey! im starting to get into this game and i'd love to find other people to play with, my name is shadowbolt bloodmane, and you can find me at skype under that name too! see you ingame!
  7. hey! if your still into breaking point i'd love to join you if thats okay
  8. Happy birthday =)=)=)=)=)=)!

  9. would anyone be interested in maybe making a arma 3 brony steam group?