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    hakuna matata, "don't try to understand a Capricorn, their mind is just to deep"
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    animals i have two cats and used to have geckos and snakes I LOVE SNAKES, and playing musical instruments like guitars, bass, ukelele, piano, and violin(that doesnt mean im any good though) i have an addiction to nutella! i don't sleep much :/ i really like the biological, and earth sciences and i weeely wanna have a digital SLR camera and learn how to use Photoshop. i do some observational sketches but nothing great just a pass time

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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. 402085 not to bad how about you?
  3. Took my puppy tothe groomers for the first time today she wasn't to keen but she looks like anew adorable flood *squee*

  4. I totally agree with you!!!! I have said this to so many of my peers and they either don't understand, don't read up on it, aren't interested or just don't give a damn ( again not every one) and i think is appalling and give the responsible young people like us a bad reputation .
  5. ranting about the EU referendum we had here in the uk