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    hakuna matata, "don't try to understand a Capricorn, their mind is just to deep"
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    animals i have two cats and used to have geckos and snakes I LOVE SNAKES, and playing musical instruments like guitars, bass, ukelele, piano, and violin(that doesnt mean im any good though) i have an addiction to nutella! i don't sleep much :/ i really like the biological, and earth sciences and i weeely wanna have a digital SLR camera and learn how to use Photoshop. i do some observational sketches but nothing great just a pass time

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  12. I totally agree with you!!!! I have said this to so many of my peers and they either don't understand, don't read up on it, aren't interested or just don't give a damn ( again not every one) and i think is appalling and give the responsible young people like us a bad reputation .
  13. ranting about the EU referendum we had here in the uk
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    i feel in need of a good rant/vent
  15. before i start some points i will make are not aimed at anyone in particular, i do not intend to offend anyone or imply that the points include everyone. this is just simply my opinion. well, seen as i voted in I'm surprisingly okay with it all, yes i will lose more then half my job and university prospects, I'm too poor to travel and i don't know how the economy will turn out. but that's okay, what i don't like is the way people are acting, now i know this isn't everyone but i have seen enough of it for it to become an issue, a lot of out voters are focusing on immigration, and trying to kick out anyone that is 'foreign' and honestly being rather fascist and it gets on my nerves, 1. they think we can just send them away ... not how it works... 2. they think its acceptable to terrorise these people ... its not on. then on the other hand some remain voters are getting angry and down right rude about it, which i can understand but is still not acceptable. there is also the fact that a lot of out voters have admitted to voting out to spite Cameron and didn't think their vote would count, this is not and Plausible reason to vote on such an important matter ( if they really hated him they should express this in other manners). also only two of the top thirty areas for those over the age of 65 voted to remain, they say they wanted it to be as it was before, but in actual fact it wont be if anything they have messed it up for the majority of the younger generation who are the ones who have to live with their repercussions and uncertainties, they have their pensions and are sorted, but what about us? and i know its not all older people but they aren't going to have to go through all the difficulties we do. in conclusion i think I'm fed up of hearing about it, we've had out little panic and differences, now its time to put our political and personal opinions aside and get the hell on with working together before we f*** ourselves over more then we have already.