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  1. Haven't seen you in a long time, Kodiak. If you get this message, happy birthday! You beat me by two months to becoming an adult...

  2. Happy b-day, Kodiak. ^^

  3. God, that show was the best when I was growing up. Back when Cartoon Network actually had entertaining and funny cartoons. I remember getting excited every Friday night for their 3-hour cartoon block with a new episode of the Edds at the end. Amazing times.
  4. Good call with these cases. I'm a Psychology student myself, and I agree with pretty much everything on here. I never really thought of Twilight Sparkle as having some degree of Asperger's, but after looking it over, it fits mostly. However, she doesn't seem to have difficulties in social interactions rather than little experience at it. Difficulties would be Fluttershy's social anxiety, where as Twilight just sees it as another school subject to learn. Pinkie Pie's pretty much on point, but I think I remember a psychological term for her saddened/angry "Pinkamina" side. I don't think it
  5. Hey, you still exist! It's been a while since I last saw you, Kodiak. :-)

    1. Kodiak


      Ha, thanks for the welcome back ;) I started to miss this place after a while. It's really grown to such an impressive website and community since my last visit.

  6. Party with Octavia. This is very acceptable.
  7. Totally not biased, but I would have to go with Twilight Sparkle. For one, I would never have to worry about her being late with the rent, and I would love someone to sit down and have a deep discussion on literature and sociology with. That, and I would imagine she'd look cute with early morning bedhair.
  8. I'm loving this. Funny enough, this was one of my most played songs on my iPod a few months back. Excellent choice in clips, and excellent choice in music. I'm surprised I haven't seen this on Equestria Daily yet.
  9. Latest chapter in my audiobook series on Judgement. I know most people don't tend to actually read as often, so have some spoken words instead. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDGAIhmXMsA -- Original story: http://www.fimfictio...31375/Judgement Previous chapters:
  10. I've honestly asked myself the same thing. I have other activities and interests I pursue, but Internet-wise it's all pony. It's a tough call, but I say that if someone asks you, "Hey, what do you do in your spare time," you better have more to say that "hit F5 on Equestria Daily." Really, that's you improving your vocabulary and expanding your range of thinking. Most non-bronies I know can barely hold their attention for a 2,000 word count story. Personally, having read long works like Fallout: Equestria and The Immortal Game, I've learned so many new words and ways to construct sentenc
  11. Do you enjoy playing with G3 ponies? Indeed I do. I had that for lunch yesterday.
  12. Have you ever swallowed a quarter? It was fun, but I'll never try it again.
  13. Wow, this is pretty awesome. I especially love the city theme you threw in the background. Instant save
  14. Update: We moved to PonySquare now. http://ponysquare.com/audiobooks (Simple URL name, eh?) -- Hey there! Just spreading the word on a new audiobook group on FIMfiction. It's in its early stages in terms of members and uploaded content, but if you've wanted to try doing audiobooks or want to listen to some, check out the link below. For the makers of audiobooks, this group is intended as both a resource for gaining advice and skill improvement as well as being a community. Since I started doing readings myself, I've noticed that the audiobook section of the fandom goes widely u
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