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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. I'm not sure Not at all! After the Storm King took me in, he taught me how to focus my magic, though his methods were a bit, enigmatic and elusive, he wasn't always there. I got used to the pain after a while, as I was told that pain is weakness, from the Storm King himself. I hope so, it would be nice to see Twilight again, I heard recently she opened up a school. *sighs* I do kinda miss her in this journey.
  4. Is this also you, Tempest? I don't remember you having two profiles.

  5. so that's his name, it's so cute~ *giggles* I guess. I don't know who this Spitfire is, i might visit them one day, but right now my journey comes first Huh, I must be popular, because even though I'm not seeing anyone, I have a lot who asked me out...I do faintly remember an Eternal Nature saying if I have a crush on anypony....I digress, I'm sorry, no I can't. I barely even know you, and I got his journey ahead of me, Thanks for the invitation though, it's very sweet of you.
  6. For my horn, no. I like it this way,as a reminder of I once was, and the symbol of who I've become now Yes, I will admit that he is very helpful, he reminds me of that lil dragon by Twilight's side.
  7. Grubber is Grubber, as much as he's annoying at times, he's actually kinda adorable.
  8. yeah, I don't mind, just don't do what you did last night again on me....please, I already have enough to deal with.
  9. I were there, and a couple friends went with you wasted enough to get wild, and not in the innocent way. ummmm, tbh it terrified me as much as I was having fun