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  1. Why do all my warnings come from posts involving death threats?

  2. Were I to be an Atheist, that would have ensured my death years ago. I refuse to live through 80 years of bullcrap and torture if I can off myself and get it over with.
  3. Is there a way to disable certain types of notifications?

    2. Shiki




      Go to "My Settings" on here, then if you look on the left-hand side of the page, there will be a tab that says "Notifcation Options". It's actually quite useful.

    3. KakeiTheWolf


      Thanks so much.

  4. I love how most people have seen the blog feature as an opportunity to have rants.

    1. Dimitri Hammer

      Dimitri Hammer

      That's the title of my blog :P


      I have no idea what I'm doing....

    2. KakeiTheWolf


      That's the wonderful thing about ranting. It goes on autopilot.

  5. I have High-functioning Autism. Close enough, really. I was diagnosed at the age of eight, officially. People had their suspicions since my birth. I suck with socialization, but at least I'm not a moron like pretty much everyone in my country.
  6. Well, you see, Eljordo... I actually recent wrote a story about this very point. God isn't someone who wantonly throws people into Hell. You don't accidentally end up Hell, you have to make a sincere effort to get there. Now, we live for, on average, 80 years. That is about 2,522,880,000 seconds. Now, it takes a lifetime to guarantee Hell, and seconds to guarantee Heaven. That's not something you can accidentally screw up. The story I wrote highlighted the fact that the nature of vices is never constructive, and leads to destroying the lives of the person committing the act and those around them. Hell is not waiting for us, we make it ourselves. Meh, the story tells it better than I do.
  7. Mephiles means "It was first unexpected".

  8. I can think of plenty of television shows people should be ashamed of watching (Including earlier generations of MLP). FiM is not one of those shows. Now, if you were planning on watching Jersey Shore, then I could understand your dad being ashamed of you.
  9. My faith in humanity wears thin. If Hollowshield is American, then I have hope for humanity.

  10. Holy hell, Hollowshield... I read this and realized, "Holy crap, I'm not the only person with the balls to have an opinion on something!".
  11. I've met one. Let me put it this way... Remember those Pizza Hut bronies? Multiply their annoying nature by a hundred, and you have the guy I met. Loud, boisterous, annoying, and he sang like a jackal giving birth to quadruplets.
  12. You hold a very valid point there. Besides, most of Chuck Norris' moves are exaggerated. Bruce Lee was the real deal. Like a movie version of a Shaolin monk.
  13. Earlier, Bruce beat him. Now, Bruce can't do anything to him. He is dead now. Chuck Norris can beat a skeleton easily. Even I can beat a skeleton.
  14. If that was the reasoning for blocking things in schools... most of my high school teachers needed to be blocked. They were in no way productive people.
  15. I can watch Hulu with AdBlock... but the space ads are in are doubled in length. I hate you, Hulu.