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  1. Art boils down to "things humans do that doesn't directly help ensure they survive". Just about any action, even repetitive action, could be interpreted as "art".
  2. put some emphasis on "adopted" niece because it doesn't count as a fully "natural" relationship, so while Luna and Celestia are sisters, Twilight and Cadance are related only by legal definitions.
  3. A bullet is too concentrated for massaging, it'd be like poking someone over and over in the same spot. You'd need explosive weapons or switch to running them over with a car, tank, giant robot, or small moon depending on their invincibility levels. Alternatively, create a voodoo doll of them and give it a massage. Maybe that'll work unless they're immune to voodoo magic...
  4. From what i've read, someone at DHX leaked resources from the actual show: The DR team submitted their own fan-made puppets and got them approved, but switched them out later for some of the DHX assets for the actual animation. Again, this is just what I read on the internet, so do with this information as you will.
  5. I've heard about double rainboom using puppets that were stolen from assets someone leaked from DHX, be sure you're not using these or your animation could be taken down by by hasbro.
  6. One of the less obvious ones is that the song "This day aria" in season 2's finale uses a musical technique called "deceptive cadance".
  7. In previous seasons most ponies have used the "basic" mare body type, now we're getting characters like sassy saddles, the retiring "pest control" pony, troubleshoes, etc.
  8. The phrase "no pony has ever returned" has been applied to the everfree forest as well, but that "fact" wasn't even mentioned until the mane 6 were already neck deep in foliage, and they've made multiple passages since with little to no incidents. Not that it works on the mane 6, but possibly these foreboding warnings were put into the rumor pools to discourage ponies from entering these possibly dangerous territory?
  9. My favorite books have words, and sometimes pictures in them. Many of them also have characters, a story, and more often than not some dialogue to go with them.
  10. hey ponies, hey ponies, what's this I hear? A little bit o' rhyme slipping into my ear? You won't find no topic, but that's not new, c'mon in, and join the rhymin' rhyme crew!
  11. Intrestingly, pinkie pie's original G1 character (named suprise) had wings where fluttershy's didn't. Imagine how their cutie mark stories would've gone that way....