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  1. This started as The Moon vs Sweet Apple Acres... what did it turn into!
  2. Pixel Dusk

    events Rupee Hunt

    Welp... this is harder than i thought XD
  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Am i too late? Here's some day old candy my princess...
  4. Pixel Dusk

    Trick or Treat

    Ahh! Im running out of time! XD Any leftover candy for me? Ill take anything... except raisins... keep those to yourself!
  5. Pixel Dusk

    Submit to the night!

    Ok, here's my fealty! All hail the moon! Psst... you're Luna in costume right? right?
  6. Pixel Dusk

    Trick or Treat

    Time to give out more candy! Here you go! (hopefully get some too?)
  7. Pixel Dusk

    Trick or Treat

    Huh... Looks I found her already... I guess being such a beautiful and radiant goddess makes you hard to find XD if anyone gives up and wants to ask me where she is, just DM... though dont ask right away, have a look around 1st! Dont wanna spoil the fun do we?
  8. Pixel Dusk

    Trick or Treat

    Hey, wynaut!? If im gonna ask, I'll have to start tomorrow, but if anyone wanna throw some at me while i sleep tonight... Go ahead!
  9. I got done booped! Ill boop you back! @Alexshy *boopeth*
  10. Pretty cool episode, Cozy is an interesting villain which I'm sure we'll see again... Some of the best parts:
  11. Hail to the sun that shineth down apon the!

  12. Don't do the war thing! Let our leaders settle their squabbles on their own!
  13. Loved it! great new characters, lots of species variation, makes fun of the school system, what on paper seems stupid and boring its turning out awesome! and... not sure if spoiler but... Really loving this so far!
  14. I guess I'll take the luck spell! My shiny luck in Pokemon has been pretty low recently
  15. Aw, nice one! Thanks! Turned out pretty good!
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