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    Inbetween Darkness and Light, Engulfed in Fire and Ice
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    I love drawing -everything-, I love writing, making things from clay, listening to music, and of course video games!

    Some interesting facts about me:
    -I still love playing Pokemon
    -I'm learning the violin
    -I used to have a wolf dog. He was half timber wolf and half German Sheppard and was just as cuddly and nice as could be.
    -My favorite colors are blue, purple, black, and silver.
    -My favorite animals are wolves, foxes, and snow leopards.
    -I have central heterochromia, my eyes have 3 rings of colors.

    That's about all I can think of I guess...I'm friendly so if you have any questions or just want to chat, message me ^_^

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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!:yay:

  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. Hello friends, our update to 1.11 is finally here! So those of you who have not had your build saved for the transfer need to put the co-ords in this thread for staff. Example: x:12000 y:100 z:12000 You can find your co-ords by pressing F3. Some of you may have to press the "Fn" key while pressing F3 if it has more than one use on your keyboard. A minimum of 1000 blocks from spawn is allowed for transfers. OLD SURVIVAL WILL ONLY ALLOW YOU TO JOIN WITH A 1.8 AND 1.10 CLIENT! Make sure you mark your build accordingly. One build means one! A build is considered one structureA build has a block limit of 1 million blocks (non negotiable) Underground builds will not be transferred due to underground block clutter If your build has a basement, we're only allowing a depth of 10 blocks If you try to lower the terrain level around you, we'll use the average height for that biome as our "surface height" A build is NOT an entire town Your build must be clearly marked on how you wish to have to moved; if you fail to mark it clearly, then your request to have your build move may be denied Any person caught claiming someone else’s build as their own for transfer will be punished and lose their transfer rights. You must show an indication that you have reached the co-ordinates on the 1.11 map, like a sign or structure. This is how the red wool should be marked: As a reminder, the following materials and ores will not be transferred over: Coal Ore / Block Iron Ore / Block Gold Ore / Block Diamond Ore / Block Emerald Ore / Block Lapis Ore / Block Redstone Ore / Dust / Block Nether Quartz Ore Glowstone Dispenser Hopper Dropper Furnace Brewing Stand Chest / Ender Chest / Trapped Chest Jutebox / Jukebox / However-You-Wanna-Spell-Say-It Enchanting Table Anvil End Portal Frame Dragon Egg Beacon Slime Block Item Frames Skulls [All heads] Barrier Block We thank you for your continued cooperation and hope to see you in 1.11 with us! Note:Please only comment with the information regarding the transfer like this: Hai, IGN:SilverFlameWolf I would like to transfer my house @ 12345 100 -12345 to -26354 89 26432 Thanks!
  5. I don't know why I haven't replied here. I want to say thank you to you,the players. You are why we're here today. Some of you are silly, some of you are smart butts, but you're all our children(even the older bunch because woof says so) and I'm glad to play with you day after day <3
  6. I see you are learning the violin? I used to play one, before I moved over to Piano. For over 7 years I played the violin <3 <3 I hope you learn a lot and will love playing the instrument, it is an instrument of beauty <3

  7. I love love love your avatar owo

    1. SilverFlameWolf


      Thank you :D she's Heart Seeker, my OC.

  8. Chicken and cheese!~ and alfredo with broccoli. And fried rice, eggrolls, I have a lot of favorites
  9. I'm sleepy, but okay :3 getting ready for work.
  10. You did that in paint? O_O that's a really great drawing.
  11. I'm going to draw after work today...

    1. Alpharius


      That's awesome! :3

    2. thegoodhen


      How are you? :3

  12. Hello there and welcome to these wonderful forums <3 there's tons to explore here, I hope you feel right at home~