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  1. I make an update to prove that duff was incorrect. I had all day to decide on what I wanted to say. I chose wisely. To answer the question, we're moving to 1.10 instead of 1.9. There's no reason to stay with 1.9 since no major game mechanics were changed with 1.10.
  2. Only problem with amplified (other than generation lag) is that ALL the terrain is that. If it's not ocean, it's going up to 255. That means you get to spend hours making an actual flat area, and I know a lot of players like their flat land. ***Edit Update*** So I was toying around with the suggested idea of am amplified world. Though a lot of players may complain about the lack of flat land, there is interest in it. More as an unconfirmed feature, but the map idea may be something we can look into at a future date as something that runs alongside of survival. For now though, our focus is getting what we already had planned working for you all to enjoy. Mostly true, however there are some toaster / potato computers that simply can't handle the amount of drawing and other functions that clients have to perform in order to render worlds correctly.
  3. Most things are already compatible with 1.10 afaik so we might be pushing to 1.10 instead. We're still in the process of getting things ready, and when I'm not on vacation I'll be able to give you all a better status.
  4. If possible, we're going to try to get 1.10 instead of 1.9, but it still depends on how fast things can update. For now we're still rolling for 1.9, but would like to get 1.10 if we can. We also were not expecting Mojang to actually push a release update so quickly (you know, with how long it took them to get to 1.9 to begin with).
  5. If it's one of those giant pony statues that I'm used to seeing, the easiest way is to cut out the leg space, you'll basically cut it in half, and the legs are super easy to rebuild. Again, we have no time frame right now; not only are the new features still under development, we're waiting for the actual 1.9 server software to be tested and released.
  6. So there have been some things discovered as well as some discussion between a few topics related to build transfers. Again, all of these changes could be revoked and/or changed once again, but expect the following to apply for build transfers for 1.9 survival: All blocks that were going to be converted into wool will now be converted into air. I found a few cases where players were just loading their builds to basically obtain ridiculous amounts of wool post transfer. This will eliminate those cases, since we're still locking down any manner players can use to "jump ahead". It's supposed to be a fresh start with your prized build able to be saved, not a way to see how you can exploit the system. Build size limits are now established:A solid 1 Million Block limit for any build (This includes all the extra space like terrain and air space Underground builds will not be transferred due to block "fat" causing stress on the server during transfer If your build has a basement, we're limiting it to 10 blocks underground with respect to the surface around it (if you make a hallow upside-down pyramid to try to "get around" this, we'll just use Y=64 or whatever the average surface area is around the biome you're in) Any obvious cases where players are "stockpiling" resources are going to be cut out. For some reason, players believe there won't be an actual environment on the new server, which is the silliest thing I've heard. If you're piling wood up in 1 spot, you can get it just as fast by planting trees all around your new area and cutting them down at the same rate they grow. Do you really save time "preparing for a non-existent apocalypse? Spoilers: You don't. Why are we making these changes? Well, aside from the points stated above, we're looking for the smoothest transition into the new server as well as our new features. Players who want a fresh start will still be forced to compete with players who move they over 2 million block (as of last measuring them) builds. This alone is still unfair for it's respective reasons. For those who just totally tl;dr'd the opening post, give it a GOOD read. I'm surprised none of you are that excited for some of the things that are coming, which tells me you all didn't read it. :|
  7. Ranks and Points will be different from one another. If you spend bits, it will not affect your rank at all. We're still working out the ranking system so I can't provide specifics quite yet. Rank is planned to be split into different areas. Some of them we plan on doing are time played, mobs killed, etc. As long as staff can figure it out, it should be good. We suggested red wool cause, unless you're living in a mesa, you can see it easily.
  8. Ranks and Pony Points are being reworked. Currently we plan to have new types of ranks, such as monthly and overall. This gives newer players who haven't been on the server 1000+ hours a chance. In addition, your current points are being converted into bits. We're still trying to find a good ratio. These bits will allow you to actually use your "points" to buy things, like new classes and features.
  9. You're a bit late. Someone already claimed them before you did. You'll have to get in contact with them and work something out.
  10. Yes. As long as we know where they are we can easily work with that.
  11. Currently there is not; we have to wait for the server software to update to 1.9, which is out of our hands. Once that is done though, we can start working on our end to get things set up. When we have a date, we'll let you know.
  12. Thought I added the bit about entities in there. Clearly that didn't make the final version for whatever reason. Assume that if it can hold items, it's not coming over. I was gonna hold off on instructions for marking your builds for the transfer, but it's been a common question in-game. It'll be the same process that has been done in the past. For those who don't remember, I've added a small section detailing the basics of it. Also, cleaned up formatting from opening since it was bothering me.
  13. As long as it's clearly marked, we can take care of it for when your MC client starts working again. I msg'd Trixie; he'll try to get in touch with you about the build team. But you have all those others on the moon with you. I'd figure you all would have built a rocket and gotten back by now... Moon magic must be too stronk.
  14. All updates to this post will be highlighted in green. As many of you are aware, there has been a lot of debate on what will happen with the server once 1.9 is released for us. We did not want to announce anything too early for fear of features not being complete when we update. We are sorry that we left you all in the dark for so long, but we’re here to fix this now. There are some major changes coming up; a lot of them affect different aspects of the entire server as a whole, while others are minor improvements to already existing features. Please take time and consideration when reading through these changes, as we will try to explain why and how for each of them. Survival 1.9 Survival is definitely the biggest part of our server, and we want to make it the one that has the most focus once we start the transition to 1.9. The worry that everyone will lose everything when we update survival has been on people’s mind for nearly a year now. We have decided that we are going to wipe the map for a new one, for a few reasons: Currently, there is a lot of items going around that were not cleared or intended for players to obtain. Some of these items include modified enchants, ender dragon eggs, or otherwise unobtainable items without the assistance of WorldEdit or command blocks. There is a lot of “hoarded” items from past maps that many players are still holding onto for the sake of using them to gain a huge advantage over newer players. This isn’t really an issue, but for the features discussed below you will see why. Many of the spawn areas are cluttered with abandoned old homes and inactive players. We want our spawns to shine as a good example for everyone who comes to visit the server. From previous experience we've found that many of our players like coming to a new map for a fresh start. Now that you have an understanding of why we want to reset the map for those reasons, there are features we wish to introduce that will work best with a new map: - The Economy System and Pony Points Some of you may remember when we tried to introduce the bit system onto the server. For the most part, it didn’t shine in the manner we wish, so we took it down to rework it. In addition, there was a promise of being able to buy things such as Alicorn with bits and/or Pony Points. For those of you who are unaware, Pony Points are gained while spending time on the server; there is also a ranking system for who has the most points. We are looking to bringing both of these features together so that players will finally be able to take part in these long awaited features. Bits are the form of currency that players will be able to spend for goods and services offered by the server. We want to convert all pony points that players have into bits to be used with the new system; pony points would be a redundant manner to handle buying things and want to change what pony points are actually for in regards to ranking on the server. Bits can be earned in many ways: Playing on the server will give you bits over time Killing mobs can drop bits that players will be able to pick up Players can win bits through staff hosted events Weekly / monthly contests can award bits as prizes You can participate in a daily deal from the Item Plaza for bits You can trade bits between other players ...and other ways too! Equally, you can spend bits on many features: New classes, Master Classes, which provide even greater benefits to the existing classes The long awaited Alicorn! Players were only able to obtain this back in older server days from donations, but with hard work you can gain access to this class! Items from the Item Plaza Enchantments from the Enchanting Plaza Rent payments to reside in staff controlled areas; these are determined by staff if they so choose Rent homes on the Equestria Server, as well as use money to buy materials to make furniture for their homes ...and many other manners too! - The Map: New Looks On 1.9 we wanted to create a new spawn that would give players a great “wow” factor upon joining. A lot of new players like seeing what there is to offer upfront; one of those is good building. We had planned on creating a spawn with railways that venture out in each of the Cardinal Directions; these rails would allow players to travel far out faster than a pegasus could flap its little wings! In addition, train stations would be created after a certain distance to allow players to stop there, creating town opportunities to players wishing to seek those dreams. On a more unconfirmed note, we are looking into possible a new style of terrain for the server, meaning that you will see new biome styles than you usually see. This will add a new factor to your gaming experience, exploring and designing new layouts for your builds as you adapt to the new settings. The reason I say it is unconfirmed is because we are still looking into what exactly we want to do with the feature itself and do not wish to get you too excited until we can make sure it is possible for us. To add to the new biome types, we are also looking into trying to make more structures for you all to explore and use, such as bigger dungeons, strongholds, underground gem pockets, and other landmarks. To continue, new tree variations from the default ones will start spawning, even to saplings you plant yourselves! - Dynmap - Knowing Your World One of the features the server has is Dynmap, a very useful tool to explore the map as players uncovered it secrets. We are working very hard to try to bring this useful tool into 1.9 for everyone to be able to use. We will have to, unfortunately, wait for 1.9 support for the plugin in order to work on our end to make this a thing for you all to use. This feature will be used mainly for the Equestria server, but we will try to have it available for the other servers if resources allow. - The Dungeon World Many of you enjoy a good thrill, wanting to dive into the darkest dangers and emerge victorious. We have been slowly working on a new world for survival players to enter called the Dungeon World. Players can teleport into here with their survival gear and brave the dangers inside. Be wary though; the walls of the dungeon are impossible to break, so you will have to rely on your navigational skills to aid you. In addition, not everyone there can be trusted; the greed of the dungeon will consume players as they start to fight one another over the treasures that lie within. Yes, you heard that correctly -- PvP is enabled while you are in the Dungeon World! Players can either destroy the competition or work together with the new Truce System; this will allow players to not be affected by the PvP features from each other. Just remember though, greed can take over, and players will jump at the opportunity to break your trust. Currently, the Dungeon World is in a developmental state; we are hoping to have this feature available at the release of 1.9 for the server, but we cannot make any promises. - Mapart: The Big Picture Players have been wanting to know more about the mapart feature for the server for a while now, as far as how they can obtain it and how they could possibly get their own art as map art ingame. There was a lot of debate with this one; a good amount of our staff enjoy map art as it adds more MLP themed items to the game. We’re looking into a system that will allow for an easy uploading of artwork to make it more readily available for players. This comes with some restrictions, however: All art will need to be brought to the attention of staff as far as judging if it is appropriate for the server Art will be scaled to an appropriate size; if you have a preferred since you wish it to be, staff will work with players on that Staff will have the final say in what art is PG-13 and borderline; constant nagging or arguing over a denied art may result in being blacklisted from all map art uploading requests All art will be run by the original creator; we will not host art any artist does not want publicly hosted - Donation Perks and Cash Shop Items There are certain items and perks that are available to players who purchase them from our store website. These items have been recorded and will carry with you no matter what happens to any of the maps. If you previously purchased an item, you will be given a new copy of that item once the map is reset. - The Big Question About Builds The biggest worry from everyone has been what will happen to their builds from 1.8 when we upgrade to 1.9. For those that have been with us, you may remember that we allowed players to mark areas that they wanted transferred over to the new map for a month before officially closing the old map down. We are going to extend this same service for this reset as well, but with a few modifications: Players will only be able to bring over one build. One build means one! A build is considered one structure A build has a block limit of 1 million blocks (non negotiable) Underground builds will not be transferred due to underground block clutter If your build has a basement, we're only allowing a depth of 10 blocks If you try to lower the terrain level around you, we'll use the average height for that biome as our "surface height" A build is NOT an entire town Your build must be clearly marked on how you wish to have to moved; if you fail to mark it clearly, then your request to have your build move may be denied Basic instructions on how to mark your build are provided below; if you still need help, ask for more details below or ask any staff in-game Players will not be allowed to carry their inventories over. Player inventories will be emptied, including ender chests If a player transfers a build over, all containers in that build will be removed prior to completing the transfer This includes chest, dispensers, droppers, etc We will be using WorldEdit and other means to replace these items with wool, so don’t try to hide them In addition, all entities will not be transferred over; this includes minecart chests, armor stands, etc. (Just assume anything that can hold an item isn't coming over) All precious and/or resource storage blocks will be replaced with wool air; this is to prevent players from stacking hoarded materials and having them cheesed into the new map. The following blocks are being converted (subject to change with justification): Coal Ore / Block Iron Ore / Block Gold Ore / Block Diamond Ore / Block Emerald Ore / Block Lapis Ore / Block Redstone Ore / Dust / Block Nether Quartz Ore Glowstone Repealed Quartz Block / Chiseled / Pillar Repealed since "you can only build with it and can't break it back down" Dispenser Hopper Dropper Furnace Brewing Stand Chest / Ender Chest / Trapped Chest Jutebox / Jukebox / However-You-Wanna-Spell-Say-It Enchanting Table Anvil End Portal Frame Dragon Egg Beacon Slime Block Item Frames Skulls [All heads] Barrier Block Any instance of obvious resource stockpiling (giant blocks of wood / stone / etc) will be denied to deter players from "hoarding" materials which are already easily available on the new server The reason for this is that we want our other features to be made fair to all players; if you have some players starting off the new map with everything, they are not obtaining the full experience we hope to bring them Players will have one month to complete the move process. One month is a long time for a build to be moved If for some reason you take an absence of leave, try to prepare early and drop a note to a staff; they will try to accommodate for you Marking your builds: This is for those who want an early jump on getting their things marked, or for those who cannot be around for the opening of 1.9 Use something such as Red Wool that is clear for staff to see when deciding what boundaries are You can use any rational method to mark them We are looking for a box shape to copy everything Players are responsible for marking their own builds; if they ask a staff to mark it for them and they don't mark it to your liking, you have no right to complain since you gave them permission to do it. If you don't like something that is not done right in your eyes, then do it yourself The two required points we need are the two furthest points: On a final note: Any person caught claiming someone else’s build as their own for transfer will be punished and lose their transfer rights. Creative Creative is an interesting gem to the server because it’s fairly simple; you have plots and you can build on them. You can collaborate with others and build things together. It doesn’t need a lot of fancy functions in order to be what it already is. Currently, there are no plans to change or wipe creative since it’s not gaining any new features as of now. Yes, it is still being updated to 1.9; it's just not gaining any NEW features. Equestria The first and most exciting Equestria feature coming is the home system. Players, (on a first come, first serve basis) will be able to choose homes around the various homes of Equestria that will be theirs to do what they with on the interior. Players will have a start of two homes, one from two separate cities that they can call home. - Economy Equestria will be worked into the Economy once it begins so players can generate money in survival to use to buy blocks to decorate the homes in Equestria. The exteriors of the homes are not going to be able to be changed unless players can prove it will match the current theme and design. Stores around the cities will have blocks, such as wood to use to make stairs for chairs, or wool for carpets, etc. Rare decorative blocks, such as gold, will cost much more and will probably have to travel to a different city to gather. - Build Parties and Build Test Players will be able to participate in “Build Parties” in which any player can jump into EQ and work with others to create portions of the town they are in currently. The ones who do well working together and are able to work without hand holding will be extended an offer to take a build test and join the EQ build team. - Warps Warps are going to be removed from Equestria and localized warps will be put in their place. Players will need to travel to the train station to board the train to travel to a different city or hot air balloon to travel to Cloudsdale. - Player versus Player Players will be able to join into several different arenas to play PvP matches with various objectives, such as Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and Deathmatches. Only one PvP game will be going on to prevent multiple players from being spread across different arenas. There will be a dedicated PvP only chat, that will be turned off outside of the arenas by default. Conclusion As you can see, we have a lot to work on to prepare everything for the big update. We hope that you all look forward to these features as we prepare everything. If you have questions, comments, concerns, or general feedback, please provided it below. We’ll try to answer all questions as best as we can.