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  1. Oh my gosh your avvie is so adorable!!! <3

  2. Eh I suppose nothing says that she HAS to be a lesbian, and like I said in my first post, I do actually ship her with Soarin lol It's silly to be honest, I just figure that because she fits a stereotype and it is a "childrens show" that if they did give her a romance thing, (and they decided to include homosexuality) they'd make her lesbian, But either way I don't mind. I agree with some others, that her just having any romantic thing could be cute. I've always liked Soarin with her though because of the episodes the two of them have interacted it's been super cute and I love how Soarin almost "fangirls" over Rainbow and it spurs the imagination for me lol
  3. OMG OMG OMG OMG!! FOXES ARE THE BEST THING EVARRRRR!! <3 I absolutely ADORE foxes. They're my favorite animal and there is this place in Japan full of them and it is officially a life long dream to go to that place one day and just bask in the glory of the foxes.
  4. Well I don't mean that her being a "tomboy" makes her that way. The thing is that they don't just make Rainbow a tomboy, they honestly make her full on "butch" at times....though it also doesn't help that she's surrounded by rainbows lol To be honest, it's just how her character is to me (that goes deeper than being a tomboy), that she would possibly be lesbian if they decided to even venture down that path. (I know I don't explain myself well here)
  5. So Twilight gets a castle at the end of season 4 right? Yeah, but there is a "throne room" with SIX seats in it! Plus the castle is huge!! I love that Spike FINALLY gets his own room and doesn't just need to sleep in a basket anymore, but the other members of the group could obviously live in that castle. My issue isn't necessarily that they choose NOT to live in the castle, but that they refer to it as Twilight's castle. I know she lives there because the library is destroyed and she needs a home, but seriously, it's all of their castle and I believe they all have the right to live there if they wanted to. For instance, I could see Pinky moving in so that she didn't have to continue living with the Cakes. Which I understand she loves doing so, but they have the babies now and it could just be easier for her to live in the castle. (Also her secret party planning room that she has could probably have better space in the castle. I mean, this is just my opinion, but I just disagree with calling that castle "Twilight's". It should just be considered to be "their" castle of friendship.
  6. I understand what you're saying here....that people do push the lesbian thing a tad strongly, and being a Rainbow Dash / Soarin shipper, I would also like to see her have a crush on him. However, I will say this, if any of the mane six WERE to be gay, it would most likely be RD. Her entire character somewhat embodies that notion, and regardless, I doubt the makers of the show would even bother putting that into the show because it isn't really an impotant (or even noted) aspect to RD's character, and they don't like to deviate too often, They just aren't going to give her a romantic interest...female or otherwise.
  7. I love me some cheese, BUT I am a tad picky when it comes to what types. I don't like super sharp cheeses, so when I make my mac n cheese at home I use mild cheddar. But my other preferred cheeses are colby jack and mozzarella.
  8. Pizza for me, I like chocolate somewhat....but not that much. I prefer chocolate flavored stuff, like milk or icecream, instead of actual chocolate. Most girls think I'm weird for that. xD I prefer fruity candy over chocolate. So in this discussion, Pizza for the win!
  9. Well I know that, but the big things we've been discussing in here have been recent news over the last few days is all I'm saying... It just seems all coincidental maybe? I don't know lol
  10. Why is it that we've gotten nothing but continuous suspicious news for these past few consecutive days?? Does it seem weird to anyone else? Like, I'm somewhat concerned that just very SUDDENLY for these past few days all we have gotten is suspicious or negative or strange convoluted news concerning Nintendo.... Like it seems odd to me...
  11. Hmmm....I'd have to say I agree with Ocarina of Time, but I think many people feel that way to be honest lol, but I would also have to include Majora's Mask in there as well, for I almost find myself loving that game more than Ocarina sometimes. I also can always go back to playing Wind Waker as well. Aside from those Zelda titles though, I'd have to say that I my go to games that I love from the past would have to be: .Hack (the original four games) Okami (PS2) Psychonauts (PS2) and also the Resident Evil games.
  12. Yeah I agree with the others, I don't think its true even in the slightest honestly. I get what you're saying about having it on the backburner as a maybe, but I doubt this is really true.... Unless.... Nintendo is TRYING to commit company suicide...which also wouldn't make much sense. Their company is over 100 years old, I don't see why they would just give up now, and because of how old their company is, does it really seem logical to make such a dense, and dumb decision? I don't think so anyways.
  13. would have to either be a fox, cat, or maybe even a koala lol
  14. Does anyone think that MAYBE Nintendo intends to have the two systems coexist?? I mean, even I can agree that it is completely unlikely, but it is a slim possibility. We know that the NX is supposed to be a more "hardcore" system that appeals to more core gamers and to gain 3rd party support, but couldn't it be that that is all its supposed to do? That they may leave the Wii U alive for some of their more family oriented games? For example, I believe the next FULL Animal Crossing game would do well on the Wii U (especially if it was a combination of New Leaf with Happy Home Designer elements) because the game pad would do well for inventory management and floor layouts. Considering that it may be that the handheld market (the 3DS) is starting to fade out, I feel like the Wii U would make a good platform for those style games. Thus, why I believe, if done correctly, Nintendo COULD theoretically have them coexist. Zelda is a great launch title for their new system no doubt, but I feel that, if what I said WAS the direction they were going to go, then releasing it on both platforms would make sense. First: Great launch title for a new system 2nd: Will give the game to those who bought the Wii U for the game 3rd: Gives them a chance to see what they can fully do with the game with both systems, theres a chance that no party will lose out in regards to the gameplay or graphics....just saying...
  15. hi =) happy birthday =)<3