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  1. hello every pony! it's been a while =)

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    2. sleepypony


      I've been ok, been kinda sick lately though :/ but I've been drawing still at least haha. how about yourself?

    3. Kyoshi


      Sucks about the sick part, lots of people been sick lately. :c Guess it is that time of year. Glad you have been okay though. ^_^ I have been very up and down, some days are okay and others are filled with anxiety and thoughts. I have a boyfriend now though so that is amazing.

    4. sleepypony


      well good for you =) I'm still single so that's kinda meh. but I'm hoping I'll find a girl for some day :) not that I need one to be happy but the company would be nice. And I'm sorry about the anxiety, I'm glad you at least have some good days =)