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  1. I just recently got into him as well, and I like him quite a bit. I like to look at it as some guy putting up an act and see just how absurd he can get, and that's exactly what it is. It's just some guy who made multiple characters that are offensive and weird on the internet. Albeit some of the shit he does is disgusting, I still respect Joji for being so hardcore. Looking at it like that, I have a better time seeing everything Papa Franku does as a joke and not get offended by it. Advice to you, just enjoy his shit and don't take it seriously XD
  2. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0ACi6jaPmNT I also did a thing, lucky you.
  3. Samples? Well, I could just sing a part of a song I know, if that's what you mean, and I think my mic is fairly good for this kind of thing. Also, for the samples, it depends on how high you want me to sing, so I know what song to do to show that off. (I can't belt too high though)
  4. Effort is just too much effort

  5. Hey there guys, I feel like I'm pretty good at singing, so much so that I'd be willing to give my skills to someone who was in need of it. (Also, I'm not actually for "hire", as in needing to be paid, just lemme know what you need me for )
  6. Well, I feel like I'm okay-ish at role-playing, but a few pointers wouldn't hurt. I always think that my descriptive writing isn't all that good and could be a lot better. I find myself losing interest and getting stuck whenever I leave an rp for a bit and I just end up never contributing. At that, it's hard to find an original idea for an rp without inspiration. How would you suggest I find the aforementioned "inspiration"?
  7. Comparative to the few that I've read, It's gonna seem like I'm writing an essay, but you know what? Here goes. God, I'll tell you what, I'm actually more excited than I have been in a long time, but that still doesn't deter my shitty mood right now. I just biked through the cold morning on my shitty bike that I use to get from place to place in my small town to go to the post office to check to see if there was a package, and by jove, there it was. Well, not the package itself, but a paper in my PO Box stating that I have a package in the mail and all I gotta do is go up to the desk and ask for it. The bad part was that the desk is closed on Sundays and I have to wait until tomorrow, which is totally fine, but the desk isn't open until 9 am tomorrow and I'll be in school by then and I'll have to wait until after school to go bike in the cold January weather to pick it up. This all wouldn't be such a big deal, except this happens every time. Every time I'm expecting something in the mail, I always have to wait a ridiculously long time just to get one stupid thing that I want just because the package has to go from Indiana to California and back to Indiana and then to Idaho and then finally, back to Illinois. Or maybe it's just bad timing. Either way, I always have to end up waiting 2 weeks to get one measly package. I know this isn't something to be worked up about, but damn it all if I've had just about of enough of it. [uPDATE] Turns out, I don't have school tomorrow! I can't wait to get my package.
  8. I wanna get a small poster that reads: "Inarticulate af" and staple it to my forehead

  9. I'm gonna repost in the masterthread because I guess I'm desperate to hang with someone who I can talk about FiW and other pony related stuff, but also be able to just enjoy someone's company without having to be annoyed by little quirks and just relax. Anyway, now that my exposition is over I guess I'll put my Skype username down. Username: xiflelin
  10. Look for a bro to hang with. But I mean, hang out with someone who doesn't annoy me as much as the people that I normally talk to do. I just wanna talk about FiW tbh

  11. I'm just gonna insert myself here. I'm gonna reach out and hope that someone can understand (and hopefully sympathize with) my crazed opinion. Note: I'm not trying to start any fights, and at this time I frankly don't care why you'd even wanna fight. I'm just a kid wanting to overcome my own feelings. I'm gonna share with you a conversation I had on Skype moments after I watched the ending of Season 5: [1:00:12 AM] Rhys Sanguine: So, I just watched the end of mlp season 5, and I know you don't care about mlp, but I feel like I need to talk about this so bare with me [1:00:55 AM] Rhys Sanguine: The main villian of these episodes (technically one episode) just made me angry, and I don't know why [1:01:44 AM] Rhys Sanguine: Like, she set the fate of Equestria's wellbeing in her hands, whoopdy-freakin'-do [1:02:05 AM] Rhys Sanguine: But the thing that made me really mad was her reasoning for doing what she did [1:02:50 AM] Rhys Sanguine: Like, she lost a friend over getting getting his cutie mark, and being afraid to make any other friend because she didn't want to get hurt again [1:03:54 AM] Rhys Sanguine: And so, she wanted Twilight to lose her friends over the one thing that nudged them towards each other [1:04:14 AM] Rhys Sanguine: Which was a sonic rainboom thing that inspired them to get their cutie marks, blah blah blah [1:04:22 AM] Rhys Sanguine: Point is [1:05:59 AM] Rhys Sanguine: She made me mad because she did this thing to get back at Twilight and didn't even once consider that it was selfish, or that maybe she was wrong [1:06:19 AM] Rhys Sanguine: And the real kicker, having people there to help her see it [1:06:40 AM] Friend: i can see why thats annoying [1:06:45 AM] Friend: @mlp wyd [1:07:48 AM] Rhys Sanguine: It pisses me off to no avail because I have to have this war with myself and no one is there to make it all better by saying, "Oh, just make some friends" or something to the extent of, "Oh, just do that thing that you've been putting off, then you can be happy and not destroy Equestria as we know it" [1:08:22 AM | Edited 1:09:38 AM] Rhys Sanguine: It just makes me freaking infuriated [1:08:43 AM] Rhys Sanguine: I mean, I don't think I can push this down, it's so bad [1:08:57 AM] Rhys Sanguine: But like, am I wrong for feeling this way? [1:10:16 AM] Friend: no tbh [1:10:25 AM] Rhys Sanguine: Why's that? [1:10:31 AM] Friend: I can see why thatd be frustrating [1:10:58 AM] Rhys Sanguine: I'm not even mad because she got off scott-free [1:11:54 AM] Friend: dang [1:11:58 AM | Edited 1:13:16 AM] Rhys Sanguine: I'm mad because someone that was dead set on virtually destroying the world gets treated better thanI do just because they live in a land full of rainbows and sunshine powered by the power of friendship [1:12:25 AM] Rhys Sanguine: And it's so easily solved just because her motives were pure [1:12:50 AM | Edited 1:13:00 AM] Rhys Sanguine: Well, not easily persay, but comparitively it was easier [1:14:11 AM] Friend: dang [1:14:24 AM] Friend: thats?? [1:14:31 AM] Friend: thats freaking wild idk how to help tbh [1:14:40 AM] Rhys Sanguine: S'fine [1:15:55 AM] Rhys Sanguine: Welp, I've now gotten to the point where I'm just tired [1:16:01 AM] Rhys Sanguine: Tired of what? [1:16:05 AM] Rhys Sanguine: I can't tell ya [1:16:25 AM | Edited 1:17:36 AM] Rhys Sanguine: I don't know myself tbh (I'm not saying I don't know myself as in I'm a stranger or some crap or that I'm blaming myself, I'm just saying that I'm tired of a lot of things) [1:16:59 AM] Friend: sleep may help [1:17:52 AM] Rhys Sanguine: It always ends up like that, all we gotta do is wait [1:18:03 AM] Rhys Sanguine: Thank you for your time [1:19:01 AM] Friend: welcome fam For the sake of my friend, I just replaced their name as "friend" and I censored any profanity as best I could for the sake of you guys. To all who don't care, I'm sorry for wasting your time. And the rest of you, please help. I really wanna know how I can stop this. From what I know, the help needs to be consistent. So if you're up for helping a needy kid figure himself out, it'd be greatly appreciated.
  12. "Figger" instead of figure. There's a u in there, use it. If you don't, that's just being lazy.
  13. The hype. I mean, even though I'm a brony as of last year, (Right before the year-long hiatus, which really sucked btw) I understood that this show had an abnormal following. I didn't think anything of it for so long (roughly three years), and one day, on a whim, I decided to check it out, and here I am now. But the real reason I was interested in the first place was because of two things: One, I remembered there being a lot of people who went out of their way to watch a show that was supposedly for little girls, (Or at least that's what I thought at the time) and I found it interesting. Second, (as weird of a connection it is to make) my mom taught me that if she eats something I haven't tried yet, and likes it, then there's a possibility that I might too. Though it may've been just something my mom said to eat my greens when I was eight, I still held onto that thought and it still keeps me thinking.
  14. @@Blitz Boom With one final push, Cynthia kick off the lid of the metal bin that she'd been in for hours. She poked her head out and breathed heavy for a couple seconds and then prepared her tirade for the bone she had to pick. "What the hell is wrong with everypony around the mines?! I give this job a try just because I needed some bits, and on my first day, I fall into a trash can?! And then! No one notices the new girl that's been missing for hours! I seriously need a better job than this!" She was fully convinced that it was everypony else's fault, even though she had foolishly fell in after trying to empty it. With a huff, she climbed out and walked away from both her shame and the startled ponies before her. "I quit." Cynthia muttered, walking away slowly.