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  1. Perish Song

    Donating when banned

    I'm unsure why you're wanting to donate too the server while banned. What's your IGN?
  2. Perish Song

    1.11 Transfer Information

    We stopped transferring builds over 8 months ago, that old survival server is officially closed, sorry!
  3. Hello there, I'm staff on the server. Could you please provide your IGN so I can look into this for you?
  4. Perish Song

    Anyone still play?

    ?? I'm guessing you've never been on the server. Players can use /back to go retrieve their items. We also don't allow people to grief or 'improve' other people's builds, and a lot of old structures have been removed. We also /have/ been working on making the server better. Maybe it would be better if you didn't judge too quickly and instead come check it out! The server is on the most current version.
  5. Perish Song

    Anyone still play?

    Server is still pretty okay! It would be a good idea to join the discord, if you haven't already! Most of our stuff that's currently happening is posted on there. <3
  6. Perish Song

    Ban Appeal/Apology

    It wasn't 'allegedly'. There are logs and everything. You also need to go put this in the ban disputes section and follow the instructions there.
  7. Perish Song

    Is this place only for MineCraft?

    Oh no, sorry! I was just confused because I wasn't sure why they were bringing that up and tagging me in it, lol. Ya'll are welcome to talk about games here. ^^
  8. Perish Song

    Is this place only for MineCraft?

    Pardon? I'm not looking for game suggestions, thank you though.
  9. Perish Song

    Is this place only for MineCraft?

    As of now, minecraft is the only game in PoniArcade! Not sure why there are people in here trying to say otherwise!
  10. Perish Song

    Question on old claims

    No, they shouldn't! Sometimes updates to the server may cause a little 'hiccup' in claims. If you find anything of yours griefed, please contact staff! We're happy to fix things up!
  11. Perish Song

    Discord server.

    I wasn't there for your ban, but I do find it rather curious that you've chosen to paint yourself as being completely innocent. You've been passive aggressive, belligerent and downright insulting to staff on multiple occasions since your joining. You chose to get very aggressive when a command was removed temporarily since people were spamming with it, a command you yourself didn't even use. This is a private discord server, that a group of unpaid people run. You are not entitled to anything. You also left out how you apparently were ranting and raving to another member after being kicked, and that person wasn't comfortable with you doing so. Maybe you need to take a good hard look at your 'sense of humor' and stop fucking with other people for sport, yes?
  12. Perish Song

    I am back!

    Hey Robobro! There is still time to save your build, if you haven't already. You can port one build over! You'll need to downgrade to 1.8 in order to rejoin /survivalold any staff mod and upwards should be able to help you move over! Welcome back!
  13. Perish Song

    Too Many Restrictions

    It always strikes my fancy that some people seem they should be allowed to over-ride the rules, even though they're all put out in black and white for everyone to read. What's even MORE curious, is when people DO read the rules, yet somehow think they're -still- not obligated to listen/follow them because they're 'silly'. Also, I've rped for many years. If you'd like some suggestions, focus first on your grammar and vocabulary! Read some stories, see how they flow. Look up information on character development and scene-setting. I'm sure you'll do just fine in the future. c:
  14. Perish Song

    1.9 Server Announcement

    Funny you should mention that, as the past few days we've been on the server mentioning it's getting close to being up! We're even testing out the bugs. I understand you're frustrated, but I'm pretty positive you'd want it fully working, rather than us just throwing it up and having to constantly fix it. C:
  15. Perish Song

    General What's with this 'MANE 6' thing?

    -Glances at the date- Wow, people are still doing the 'Fluttershy is a background pony' joke? yikes.