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  1. Tl;Dr - I've been collecting a spread of opinions and make my first comments on its meaning, and a response to Envy (and anyone else curious really). **Darn**, only notified me that my post got responses five minutes ago. The strangely timed notifications woke me up... Anyway, looking at my collective responses from a bunch of different places, I get the feeling that it generally boils down to the complaint of "nothing stands out to me"... in a number of different ways, including the idea that it's almost solely EDM that's made across the pony scene (which it technically isn't but ~meh~). I've sort of come to the conclusion that in the frankly doomed push to get everyone noticed, the fandom has unintentionally equated or equivocated their best producers with their worst and kept all at the same, very low level of franchising... if I show some highly specific people's best music around, strong examples being FritzyBeat and Vylet Pony, most bronies will come to love the person even if their music is quote-on-quote "out of genre for them". I mean, what reason do you have to be in the pony fandom if not to goof off about ponies? ;P Although looking at Envy's reply in particular, I can sympathize with the complaint "MIDI instruments, not real ones". It's just a different sound in the end... strictly speaking, there is a specific way to use it properly and that can sound exceptional with the right producer, but at the same time if you use it wrong (or literally just like you would "the real version" of the instrument) it just sounds REALLY off. And secondly, I do think pony music is silly too, but in a good way LOL! It's kinda laughable AwkwardMarina's Anthropology (of all things) is such a well-known and well-respected song. And, well, it deserves its popularity - it's a really good song, despite the intentionally goofy subject matter!
  2. So, lately the pony music community has been struggling for views. The most widely known and talented people have only a shadow of the fanbase of their elders, and there's a wide number of initiatives (like Horse Music Herald and Cider Party) who have been trying and failing to fix that. I'm just wondering what would make the wider fandom listen to pony music again, especially considering how it used to be our most popular community! As such, I've compiled some of the most common complaints I hear (and have now crossed my fingers this doesn't get moved to music as that'd kill the purpose of this thread entirely). And remember, though this is phrased as a poll of sorts, this is MLP forums! Discussion is very welcome, although a simple letter or two would make me just as happy. A - I don't know who the community's best and brightest are. They're just drowned out in the crowd! B - Too much generic EDM. I watched pony music for its unique flavor, and that seems missing. C - I have listened to a lot of modern pony music, and I just don't think the quality of any of it is up to par. D - I joined after pony music's heyday, seasons 2-3, so I don't even know who was popular back when people listened to it. E - You're asking the wrong person. I only listen to commercial music! It's the only good music, after all. F - I already follow a bunch of pony musicians. You crazy, mate? G - Other (please clarify)
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  4. Okay, so short of Fallout Equestria and those two gorefics which somehow got popular back in another age, I want to know what the most iconic, well known and otherwise influential brony fanfic stories are. Been in the fandom since s2, but I know of nearly none. I'm sure other people would be interested in this too, so I figured, why not ask? (I don't know, just start linking things? And no gorefics/ clopfics please! It's against the rules, and thus would get this thread removed.) ... (I almost feel like this should be in Octavia's hall but I wouldn't know exactly where... calling all mod-like pony-people?)
  5. A few people don't go on some places as much, but so many others go on it far, far more. I used the same evidences you did - things like "more con attendance than ever". It's just that people don't see the most fervor-filled members in places like MLP forums, they're in places like the comment section of obscure yet awesome youtube musician "Rusty Thorsell" and obscure yet awesome fandom news site My comment is directly above yours - there's definite proof that the fandom isn't shrinking. Not collectively anyway... The OLDEST sector of the fandom is what's shrinking here. There's a really, really big difference between the two. Some of the oldest members have left entirely, while so many others simply moved on to join the "new" fandom sector nearly everyone in this string seems to just be flat out ignoring. The fandom isn't dying or shrinking, in the slightest, it's growing and changing - this string, the experiences of the people here, it's just remnants of the season 2 fandom, a group that hasn't yet moved into the season 6 fandom and its sometimes obscure, always enjoyable alleyways.
  6. So, this was posted a while ago and I don't know if you're still looking for advice, but I'd say this - Don't make your cutie mark just a random item. Personalize it more - maybe if you still like a boom box, add headphones around the box? Long story short though, this is the most customizable part of a pony character, so customize it like crazy. Most other elements you'd go for the simplest possible design, but so long as it can be recognized for what it is, add more to it. It should represent everything your OC is, and deserves more TLC than "boom box because DJ!". I don't want to just say "do this", however... it's, again, the most customizable and personal part of an OC and I wouldn't want to step on your toes.
  7. It's more of a niche thing, but yeah, Celestia and Luna both have square jaws and many guys just straight up make mares (although you CAN make a colt with a curved muzzle, I see both done a lot). I'm in my first year of college, and in even more debt than a high school student, so I understand the money thing. I can't get a commission either, it was more of an obligatory offer than a real, constructive suggestion. Most of the fandom is in our boat actually, we're mainly high school and college age all round, so I assumed you'd say no. Well, yes, black IS looked down on. You can if you want, though, so long as it's a good-looking design. Blue and black specifically is the one people don't seem to care about, unless you're a changeling, in which case black is expected. I'd just warn you, you're gonna get a lot of comments from people who don't know any better... especially black and red. MLP forums recently gave me a bit of a tip though, try a dark grey instead. I've seen plenty of those, now that I'm looking for it. The "standard" mane and tail styles aren't as diverse for stallions as they could be, despite representing most of the fandom. There's the messy, long tail and mane like Rainbow Dash, messy shorter hair like Dr. Whooves/Time Turner, clean/brushed long and short mane and tail, and "alicorn hair" for alicorns. You can basically put any hair style you'd want on it though, you just have to use your imagination. There's plenty from the show, and even more from the fandom. An avatar is a design or icon people look at. An OC is also a character you use for things like stories or comics, and something for which (if you make videos or comics ever) you might or might not have your own words coming out of, because people don't like showing their faces online. (More of a safety thing than a necessity.) Still sorta the same thing if you only comment on random places, with not much in the way of persistent pals in the fandom, it's just used for so much more in really any other context. It's... actually really hard to explain if you don't know it thoroughly, just any time people refer to "themselves" in some way it's nearly always using their OC to some extent. People even nickname each other using their OC's names, even if they know each others' real ones. Just, if you don't get it, look at it however you'd like, I guess. Sorry it took so long to reply, I'm new to this "forum" stuff and forgot to set it to notify me when there's another response.
  8. Mary Sue in regards to a ponysona means a character with no flaws or struggles. The opposite is a character who only has bad luck, also known as an "edgy" or "overly dark" character. Long story short, the way you're thinking I advise backstory last, if at all. Different folks do it different ways, but it's actually by far the least necessary part of an OC; it's a design and a personality, not a living person you tell stories about. A ponysona is something you use to represent yourself in the fandom; don't treat it like an avatar or a character, treat it like a representation or expression of who you are. The furry fandom seems to have it in their heads the best way to do that is take SOME of your traits and exaggerate them; this isn't even close to the only way to make one though, and it's best to simply be honest and expressive in your design. Don't think you're limited to what you first build either - most go through massive redesigns, and many people (such as myself) have multiple. Better OC creator? You could always commission an artist, if you want I can recommend a few... just be aware prices can get up to $25 or even $50, depending on what you ask for. Either way though, I have no problems with pony creator but I do advise against it - choices are limited, and it's better to draw directly out of your imagination, even if you're bad at it. Color scheme is one of the most expressive and fun parts of any OC, short of cutie mark designs. Forget all that Wikipedia stuff, and remember just these few things - For a two-color scheme, try colors that look similar. For a three-color scheme, try colors that look extremely different. Don't make fluorescent ponies or pitch black ponies, both are looked down on (although can situationally work). Don't be limited to just Earth ponies, pegasi and unicorns - there's bat ponies, moth ponies (my icon), zebras, griffons, changelings, and so much else. Get creative! I'd just advise against an alicorn unless necessary, they're not necessarily bad but there's so many things to add that are hard to explain. And finally, I've seen lots of people say "just screw it, female muzzle all the way". It's actually kinda common. (I've been considering a female muzzle myself lol)
  9. I know it's becoming "normal". That's actually exactly what I'm talking about. If pony references are becoming normal, if there's ever more with time, does that logically mean pony is becoming a part of pop culture? I guess I'm less looking for a firm "this is absolutely pop culture" and more "does anyone else think it's pop culture", because I've never seen anyone else bring something like this up. I did tag this with "curiosity", after all! ^^'' (I don't think the fandom is dying myself either, I actually argued against such logic on another thread, I just said that either way it's irrelevant to what's happening outside of the fandom.)
  10. Okay so, I've been thinking a lot on this and want to know others' opinions. Firstly, let me preface this with - I know many people perceive the fandom to be dying. They have since season 1, and we're all still here; there are plenty threads for that discussion, and it's wholly irrelevant to the topic at hand. ^^'' Long story short, we, the pony crowd, are getting referenced all over the place lately. Robot Chicken, Deadpool, that awkward Christmas movie The Night Before's Trailer #1, lots of cartoons like Gravity Falls, Power Puff Girls and Teen Titans Go, etc, etc, etc. In addition it's made headline news when a celeb like Will Shatner "comes out" as one of us, even though almost none of the celebrities themselves seem to think it matters much. So my question here is, has pony become a niche little piece of the wider pop culture or not? Is it in the middle of that? How would the 2017 movie affect that? Any evidence to add for or against my little theory?
  11. I feel like this thread is close to home, but misses the heart of things. Yes, Tomb and MandoPony and all those other iconic originals DID make brilliant contributions to the fandom... back when they were essentially the only good musicians around! Simple fact - there aren't as many "iconic" content creators, but there's more content creators overall by a long shot. In every aspect, from newer news sites like Horse Music Herald to simple old analysis videos, there's more people making pony stuff overall, and thus less people getting big and recognizable from it. (If you exclude art, that one's still pretty much the same as it was day 1.) There were about a million bronies toward the back half of s2. Recent estimates from season 5 suggest minimum 10 million, and some more recent studies pose the possibility of over 20 million. While I don't agree that even a fraction of the s2 bronies were "edgy hipsters", as these comments seem to suggest, the effect of even a few of those hipster-like people really makes an impact. In a somewhat recent editorial, EqD lamented the days when 20 glitchy, unplayable "Rainbow Dash bounces a ball" flash games would pop up within an hour of an episode, and a couple hundred by the end of the day. Apply the same logic to all other communities, especially art. Would you prefer lots of doodles people spent probably 20 minutes on or a few expansive pictures people will spend months or years making beautiful? Extreme case here, but you get what I mean. There are more content creators who are every bit as devoted as those who came before, they just prefer to take their time for quality's sake... and as a result, make less content per day than we did in s2. Besides, look at it like this - a year ago, Hasbro deemed MLP needed better marketing. This very year, less than a month ago now, it was deemed by far the most profitable franchise they own. Tell me then, how is the fandom dying or even shrinking when it's spending more than it ever has? I don't perceive the fandom to be dying... I don't perceive it to be shrinking or dying down. I perceive it to be growing into accepted pop culture, what with our Deadpool references and celeb members. It's all perspective - a comparison is fine, so long as you do it in the right context. Just blindly stating "more" or "less" and using that as your basis doesn't provide a very stable argument; real life is more varied and nuanced than that, and it's admittedly hard to get a comprehensive view of the fandom as a whole these days. I don't know, maybe I'm overthinking. I haven't seen anyone give this argument before, any counterpoint or other comments?
  12. Advice on fixing the picture orientation - open Microsoft Paint, click "open", choose the pic, go to the "rotate" option and fix it, and then click "save as" (just in case you accidentally drew on it). It's an easy way to fix a rotated pic without paying for a picture editing program (many of which don't have a simple "rotate" option anyway, for whatever reason).
  13. Haha, I like that! I think on the cutie mark specifically I agree the old one looks kinda "edgy", but it was more unique and personalized; thus I prefer it over a simple treasure chest, which I've seen on multiple other OCs. All else considered though, I prefer the new design. More unique, more personalized, more of (what I assume is) "you". That's what a personal OC is to me - a representation (and sorta **slight** exaggeration) of self. Not that you have to agree, that's just my thoughts. ^^''
  14. I'm just gonna lump the fandom and the show together as one, since I'ma talk about both anyway. ^^'' So, sorry this has to start with the big downside of things, but ~meh~ it makes sense in the end. I joined back in season 2, at the height of many things in this fandom... both good and bad. I don't think I should ever describe most of the things that happened, and even what I'm about to say I'm afraid is too dark to get through the "blank flank" post block. Just one story here, I used to be part of a thriving chat room as a "HalfChangeling"; I made many friends there, and good ones at that. As season 3 was about to end, one of those closest to me died in that-worst-possible-sorta-way, and literally everyone on the room fled; all accounts except for mine, including the site itself, were gone within the hour. That essentially describes my luck with the fandom, socially speaking - not much. Meanwhile, as I started letting people know about my love of MLP in real life, I've become bullied for it, and even my own father suggested I "knock it off or I'll never get a girl". Because man logic for the win. Quite a few times I nearly fell into old habits like obsession and procrastination, sometimes worse. But for all the bad it's done me, it's given so much more positive energy. It was and is MLP that's causing me the aforementioned problems; it was and is, and will continue to be, MLP that's fixed them for me. And going so far beyond that, it's given me so much more than its taken! I used to be what I'd call a "pop culture crow", snipping and clawing at whatever was shiny and interesting. After I found MLP I decided if a fluorescent show for little girls is something I'd enjoy, maybe there's so much more I haven't found? Not too long after I developed a love for JRPGs, cartoons, and many other things; I rediscovered my old, starving love of art and fantasy; I went on to find tabletops, anime, Indie games, and so much else. It's also been a big source of morality - not from the show itself, per say, but its existence, its role in my life. So many choices I could've made one way are changed simply because I'm "out of the norm"; my perspective on so much in life has changed simply because it's okay to watch a show for little girls. It's also made me some of the most kind, accepting friends I've ever had, who don't actually like the show themselves but find my love of it hilarious and awesome. Most recently the music community has shown me so much I never thought I'd like, and even inspired me to try and create something myself (no results yet). It's inspired me not just to make something for the community, but something anyone can enjoy! Again, no results yet, but I'm excited to see what I can make when I put my mind to it. The show has caused me some problems, pretty darn impactful ones. It's made me more reclusive, more cautious, more afraid than I probably should be. I'd be lying to say it hasn't, and I'm sure many others here would feel the same - they just didn't post about it. But looking past that, I can say it's truly given me so, so more good than bad; there's so much that simply liking this show has given me, and there's so much more that the fandom has given me. I'm near 19 now, and it's only been in the past four and a half years I've truly felt I know myself, know who I am and why that's what I am. It's kinda weird to say this out loud, but this show, this fandom, changed my entire outlook on life. Haha, enough from me though, you guys probably prefer if this chain avoids things like my first paragraph. Hope you appreciate it regardless, I love this fandom! ^^ I suggest talking to the guy! You could make a good friend that way.
  15. Before he had a name, I called my OC "HalfChangeling". Being only half changeling he can't fully transform, and is thus an outcast where Chrysalis is concerned. Ponies don't trust him either, considering all they've been through with changeling-kind. He's not a full outcast among ponies, as he doesn't bear the full changeling look, but many would act negatively towards him regardless. He choose to live a reclusive life in the Everfree as a result, only coming to Ponyville for the necessities.