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  1. lol happy birthday. How bout' you become active again :U

  2. Whiteshade

    Don't Brohoof Feld0

    You are free to make sense of what you wish, but you must deal with the consequences. Also the OP is Feld0 in disguise, a clever trick indeed.
  3. I thought AP tris mid was perfectly viable, as well as quite a few AP adcs Anyways... tried taric top yet? It's so broken, you build him as AP tank if I remember correctly. Don't wanna double post, so I'll edit this instead: http://www.leaguerep.../match/2339632/ Pentakill, and a quadra to boot. Horrible laning phase, how did I get the stats I did? On well I'm not complaining
  4. Too mellow for my tastes, 7/10
  5. I'd be the creature that is the latter 5 letters on my name. If I was forced to pick though, true blood vampire, because mind control is very lucrative.
  6. Damn. How does his mushrooms do that much damage? 3v1, I run, they pop 2 shrooms, then I turn back, press w, and snipe all 3 for a triple kill. I broke my kill record on soraka. Basically every Vayne death was by me, because flash + banana OP. Also was a pretty good 4v5.
  7. That genius move when you pull out a key because it's sticky... then comes the part where you put the period key back but realize you broke it and the bottom hinge is broken. I do impress myself from time to time.

  8. I was playing aram, we were gonna win, enemy team aced, 3 left on our side, so we just took down turrets, damaged nexus, and decided to let the 25 or so minions finish off the nexus. We all run into the fountain laser for the lulz, die, nexus has 23 hp left........ then inhibitor respawns. We respawned, got aced, lost. This is probably my best throw to date. Also Vayne is my third most hated character now, so broken yet so useless.
  9. League client derped. Reinstall, nothing happens. Restore point, ditto. Type command "thereisnourflevel", everything instafixed. I don't even...

  10. Been on a bit of a losing streak lately, but I finally got a decent (team) performance in. Support can be really frustrating, but then you have this: I derped really hard as skarner and fiora were focusing mf and I was desperately trying to ult but in panic forgot to actually move my mouse to target mf. We got aced. Other than that, pretty good game, at the end we just ignored baron and split pushed, because we were just that fed.
  11. Work for me. Just do it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe insects have 6 legs. Count the legs, it would well be mites or etc, which to my knowledge are not insects (they fit under the umbrella category of bugs though). Also why are you surprised? Whatever you see under the microscope is likely not rare, but rather common.
  12. I lurk at all hours of the day. Take this post, for example. It's 5:56 am as I'm typing. So basically I voted for many times a day, assuming that "many" does not denote a finite value.
  13. Not sure where my reputation stands. I've been known as a funny guy (even though im serious... im serious guys), but then afk bunch, so I bet newer members don't know me now. Also my blog has the most unique and deep topics out of all the blogs, 10/10 snake pony mods academia concur. So to sum up my base stats: Reputation: 5500 Suave: 78 Debuff - Seizure: 100% proc Debuff - Confuse: 86% proc Debuff - Lists: 59% proc
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