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    My interests are MLP, some academic areas, rejecting all facets of time management, and anime sometimes. I used to game but not so much anymore...

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About Me

About Me (Cross out the first paragraph Edition):

Well I was born in a stable, then I was raised, then I made free wine, then I came across MLP:FiM(yay) about a month ago longer than a month ago, I think it was like march or something... I am currently attending finished high school, 12th grade, I live in Canada which is now like the Bahamas thanks to climate change, and I have aspirations to become an investor, that is, manipulating numbers on a screen then going to an ATM then have money showered on me (may or may not be exaggerated). Well at least the first part. I am also busy, with...like, stuff, but I am making time for this community by ruthlessly neglecting all academic demands. Update: I got a job. I sell lovely sharp knives. Lovely, sharp, lovely sharp, sharp, sharp, sharp, knives.

I do stuff, and go places. Eeyup.


More stuffs:

Anyways, lets start with the basics. My strengths are my intellect (presumably), my wit (presumably), my humor (only on the odd weekdays), my not-judging-stuff-ivityulness apathy placidity, my humility and the fact that I am aware of many things, like where you live. My weaknesses potential facets of improvement are that I generally don't do anything may not give my all in all circumstances, and while I do have aspirations for myself and hope for humanity, frankly if I had my popcorn then just watching something burn eating popcorn is lucrative as well.


What I do:

Stuff. Rescuing kittens for the local pet shelter, and serving soup to the elderly. Also throwing knives... for charity yes. You know, cancer research.


What I like:

MLP, Forums, Anime, stuff that is not safe to mention due to ToS. No it is not sexual, but still not safe. Watching stuff. I'm pretty open minded.


Stalker's Extra:

Here is an exhaustive list of all the anime I've watched, because lists are awesome:


Angel Beats!




Blue Exorcist


Code Geass (both seasons)

Darker Than Black (all seasons)

Deadman Wonderland

Death Note

Elfen Lied

Fairy Tail

Full Metal Alchemist (not Brotherhood)

Hellsing (both OVA and anime)

High School DxD

High School of the Dead

Higurashi (all seasons)

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? (I hate this one)

Kuroshitsuji (both seasons)

Lucky Star

Mayo Chiki!

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (including movie)


Naruto (both original and Shippuden)

Rosario to Vampire (both seasons)



Soul Eater

Sword Art Online



Political Affiliation:

Meritocratic Socialist, give bread to the poor, but make sure they work for it, if, um, that's ok with them...

Religious Affiliation:



:P Agnostic.


Weird Stuff Standout Qualities:

I have a fascination with propaganda education

I have a verbal tic an unique, distinguished, speaking style

I enjoy logic, and the absence application of it

I am more morbid and bloodthirsty colorful than the average guy, but on the flip side and I'm very sensitive to cute things.


memento vivere,

~Whiteshade, Resident Kitten Savior of MLP Forums



You did it! You read the whole thing, or you are lazy and just scrolled down to here. Either way, have a random vid (vid now changes on a regular weekly/daily basis): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-ShGTjUNo8