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  1. As of Flight to the Finish, I have to say I haven't been a fan of season 4 until Flight to the FInish. The Premiere started strong, but lost it's appeal during the second half, especially in pacing. Castle Mania was meh all around but the worst of all was Daring Don't IMO. The whole episode was just bland and it made no real sense. Especially with the fact that Daring do is real, it really ruined my view of the books tbh, and it was made even worse by her being the writer. Like I said earlier, the season as a whole has been dull to me, despite a great 5th episode, and I expect more from the writers as they have been substandard IMO
  2. God I hate snow

    1. DiscordedCelestia


      *looks both ways*


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  3. Octavia definitely. Her elegance, her talent, DAT CHELLO, Octavia wins for certainlys
  4. I see where your coming from, but I think Looney tunes does have substance and reasoning, being a cartoon made with the idea of abusing cartoon physics and being ridiculous in an entertaining way such that adults can understand the reason for the show's existence Most kids shows these days that I have seen almost serve no purpose for entertainment other then occupy your kids because they don't know any better and when an elder watches it, they are not intrigued in the slightest. If that makes any sense
  5. No matter what the show in question is, there has to be a set standard that regardless of demographic, should have some form of logic or substance behind it. The show needs a reason to exist, otherwise it's just a mindless distraction for kids to become mindless themselves, thus leading the future of the world up to mindless adults, and then the world the screwed
  6. Recently got a 3DS for pokemon, Friend Code is 3668-8782-5131
  7. Anyone with Pokemon X/Y want a pokemon with Pokerus?

  8. Oh yeah absolutely, I made that post particularly with that in mind, it was so emotional, I really felt super emotional not only the first time I played, but every time, Not to mention that one moment in P3 that crushed everyone Im sure
  9. Seeing this banner really reminds me I should come here more often

  10. I don't cry at very many games, but I can say that I cried at certain sections of Persona 3 AND 4. The love I had for some of the characters in those games were so strong
  11. FInally got a copy of Persona 4, been wanting to play this game for a long time!

  12. Finally moving into my new University....SOOO NERVOUCITED

  13. I try my best to 100% most of the games I have, except for those that are too difficult for me or just are WAY too tedious. Some of the games I've 100% are all the Super Mario 3D Platformers, Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie, Most Zelda games, most Kirby games, Okami, assassin's Creed....some others. THe games I usually 100% are Platformers if you haven;t guessed