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  1. Made a trade hall (villagers) for the server! http://imgur.com/a/S2MNC

    1. StaticSignal


      Location: 4842, 100, -2344 on the PoniAcrade server. Come trade!

  2. Made a mapart for the community! Check it out at -414x 68y -878z (in my house), face north. Ask me or anyone that has a copy if you would like one! (Bring a blank map!)

    1. StaticSignal


      Errr... I guess this isn't strictly a minecraft forum, so I should state that it's on the PoniArcade Survival Minecraft server. Though you can probably assume that I'm always talking about minecraft!

    2. Alpharius


      I like minecraft as well

  3. StaticSignal

    Thank you Staff!~

    Wanted to do something a bit more tangiable for the staff and server. None deserve it more. (I mean, we have more staff commenting on this than players, just because they found it lol. If you need more proof of awesome, involved staff, it's all above). So, for the server going staff, I made a mapart! I'm still a blankflank and can't post, so it can be seen in my house at -414x 68y -878z (shameless self plug while I'm at it). I've got a blank in the chest next to the bed as well if anyone wants a copy for themselves, they can make a copy there. Or ask me when I'm on. What is it?
  4. Making my first post! Uh... what to post. Hmm... Well, I'm MrHitmanWiecki (StaticSignal Nickname) on the minecraft server. Say Hi sometime! I'm an avid trader in game, so I might have what you need :D

  5. StaticSignal

    Thank you Staff!~

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU for all the hard work you put into keeping things going in our community! (And for putting up with our antics ) It really means a lot knowing that I can come on at any time and find someone that I can talk with. Only been here 3 weeks or so and feel I can call the staff and a large part of this community my friend. I know you put up with a lot, and a lot of us try to help to lift some of that burden off the admins and moderator's shoulders, but you guys and gals deserve so much more and all of our thanks. It's great to know such a great group, with great
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