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  1. Lady Diana

    What's This Pony's Canon Name?

    Her name is Minuette, even if some others call her 'Colgate' because her main and tail look like toothpaste, but toothpaste has nothing to do with her cutie mark.
  2. I'm tired of getting PMS, and it is said on my page I do not chat, but people keep messaging me. Is there a way to disable them? Edit: I was able to disable it. You can lock the topic.
  3. Lady Diana

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Not too good ;-; absent from work, my cough is viral. Had a fever the past few days now I have a cold. Great, just great.
  4. Lady Diana

    Request Shop ~* Free Pixel Ponies! *~ {Open!}

    If I possibly can request again, can you do my oc Lilac Glow, as a regular sized unicorn mare? I kinda made her a little too oversized.
  5. Lady Diana

    Request Shop ~* Free Pixel Ponies! *~ {Open!}

    @@Pripyat Pony, Thank you! im sure my cousin will love it!
  6. Lady Diana

    Request Shop ~* Free Pixel Ponies! *~ {Open!}

    OMG THANK YOU! I love it!
  7. Lady Diana

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    I have a cold :-; Freezing weather, wow My throat is so sore and my head really hurts, help me
  8. What more that's out there THAT SONG!! Maybe you edited it as a joke XDDMaybe... Probably....
  9. I've had a previous name change, just to remind you. I was Starlie Rosa
  10. Lady Diana

    Anna Lasi

    What a coincidence Lilac likes gardening too
  11. Lady Diana

    Vampira Heart

    Cute :3
  12. Lady Diana

    Private The Discordian Era

    "Uhh, uhh, Twilight? Where are we?" Lilac said as she looked around "It looks so.... Old.... Maybe the place we were was the place where your castle is, then..." Lilac paused for a moment. "Twilight, Sappy might be right when he said 'Are you sure you performed the spell correctly?' "
  13. Lady Diana

    When you have a crush!

    When you act secretive. Well I never had a crush, and I never want one.
  14. Lady Diana

    What do You Want for Christmas?

    I want Pokémon plushies, I either want Snivy or Charizard.
  15. Lady Diana

    General What is your natural hair colour?

    Mines is black, I used to dye it with brown highlights but unfortunately, the highlights faded away.