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  1. Sorry to reply to such an old thread but may I suggest uploading the maps to Mega if you ever get a chance to get your hooves on them? Unless the map is like over 35 GB or whatever the limit is for free accounts, it should be no problem to stick them up there. I still have some of the old maps from before the server was merged with PoniArc so I understand why some people would still want to download them after resets.
  2. Corkpedite

    Map reset?

    I was wondering if the current map will ever be reset and if so, when would that be? I'm reluctant to work on my base other than dismantle everything and shove it all into chests inside my (disabled) skelly farm in case we're allowed to transfer a build over if there's a reset. ^^;
  3. Steam: Jabit146 I primarily play Team Fortress 2 for multiplayer games but I also have some others but I suck even worse at those. If anyone plays TF2 and has either the Ghastly Gibus or Pyrovision Goggles, can I dominate you for those two achievements and receive those items, please? [EDIT: Thanks for the help! ] NNID: TendoFreak Got Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, and Splatoon.
  4. I'm more familiar with the developer's work on some of the music for Homestuck, but it looks interesting. I'll pick it up eventually. I'm really enjoying Papyrus' themes and can't stop listening to them nonstop. The only downside is that some of the fans get a little aggressive towards those that enjoy the thought of fighting any enemies instead of sparing them. :/
  5. Guess I'm extremely hated then. Yeah, one of my pals mentioned this to me when I said that some article was bull. He joked with "YOU CANT DISAGREE ON TWITTER HAVENT YOU HEARD THATS HARRASSMENT NOW". but I thought that he was simply joking and mocking those nutters since at that time it was super early in the morning for me.
  6. Looking up iron golem tutorials for my Minecraft world.
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