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  1. TFarrgon

    Ask TFarrgon computer questions

    Oh, thank you, I hope this picks up speed a little
  2. TFarrgon

    Ask TFarrgon computer questions

    How's it going guys. So this is gonna kinda be a test, I'm not sure if it'll be a thing, but I'm gonna try something. So I'm trying to eventually get a job as a help desk support person and I had this really cool idea to try a "practice blog" type thing where you guys can ask me a hypothetical question computer related and I try my best to answer them as practice. There's probably a better place to do this and I can imagine it being taken down due to it's not really pony related, but I probably wouldn't go that far just to get practice and I like this place the most anyways . You guys don't have to, but if you would like to, ask me anything computer related and I will try my best to answer the question. This would be great practice for me and if you send a question my way, I'll send a brohoof for it I think this is a cool idea and I would like for it to be a thing Oh and roleplaying as a user looking for assistance can be fun too
  3. TFarrgon

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    The fan made song Discord, by Living Tombstone
  4. TFarrgon

    If you were born in a magical fantasy world

    Friends are what keep us bond to the world. Loneliness with awesome stuff is no way to live. I lived with loneliness all my life and now that I have friends, I can't go back to those days, I can't even think about it.
  5. I was like "yeah losing the library was a hard moment" but I think it actually makes the show more dynamic. If EVERYTHING was the same all the time it probably wouldn't be interesting. A big thing for me is for the characters to change and learn and you see that all the time here. This is probably one of the first shows like this that dynamically changes, this is why I stopped watching Spongebob, because he never changes at least 100 episodes in and he is still an idiot. Twilight and the others change all the time as did Twilight's house emphasizing good character and story development. So I for one think this is a good thing, as said in the show, the memories of it will live on and we will miss it, but we will also make new memories with the castle.
  6. TFarrgon

    Season 5 Part 2 is Coming Out Soon!

    OMG the amount of "YAYS" can't be counted, I am on the edge of my seat for these episodes.
  7. TFarrgon

    Do you think this is just a phase?

    It is all determined by how much we dedicate to the show. If you love the show as much as you do, then I don't think it'll go away anytime soon. I don't think that for myself, I think I'm gonna be a brony forever, it has completely 180'd my life
  8. TFarrgon

    New law that could turn fans into criminals?

    What! How is this a thing? Why is this a thing? Like seriously where did this even come from? This is literally gonna make every single person on the internet a criminal. If they have any common sense at all, then they will not let this law see the light of day. I can see this law pissing many fans off and going out in a ball of flames. How does this even benefit them at all? So many companies are gonna lose business and so many jails are gonna fill up if this is actually gonna happen. This is probably the dumbest move I have ever heard of in politics, nothing is going to come out from this except bad, this is dumber than the "YouTube Copyright Disaster" at least they had a good reason, but it was a mistake. What's the reason here? Why r they doing this? I don't get it, I hate the government at times like this, they need freaking new staff that actually does stuff to benefit the common person, not this masochism bull****.
  9. TFarrgon

    does any pony play the CCG?

    I think if a fan made a computerized version of the game, that would be so cool. I would, but don't have the knowledge yet to make games on my own.
  10. TFarrgon

    My Little Pony game

    Now here is the thing, the gameplay itself is very addicting and very cool. The mechanics are fun to play with and it's cool to see all the ponies interact with each other. There is one really big issue that sets the game back. With the way currency works it is the BIGGEST cash grab game I have ever seen. Most of these freemium games work so that you can use the in game currency that you win to buy everything or you can use IRL money to make the process faster, that's how it should be. But with this game, there are ponies and buildings that cost Gems "exclusively" meaning the game forces you to pay money to get these things. I have nearly all the shops in the game at this point, but it doesn't matter because it is still INCREDIBLY slow to obtain gems, especially since gems were cut from the Minecart game. If they fixed this problem, the game would be supremely better, so my opinion, it's a fun game, but only spend money like once or twice for the game.
  11. TFarrgon

    teenponies with electronic games?

    There aren't many instances of them having technology in the world of Equestria and computers are simply non-existent (as displayed in EQG). So if computers and video games suddenly existed they would have a lot more tech to show off like cars or planes.
  12. TFarrgon

    My Little Pony fan game Greenlit on Steam

    Dude, this is the best looking Brony game I've ever seen, eve LoE is low compared to this game. The graphics are amazing for a fan game and it seems intersting. I can follow this game.
  13. TFarrgon

    does any pony play the CCG?

    I have decks and I wanna play sooo bad, but nobody wants to, not even my bro who acknowledges MLP as a good show
  14. TFarrgon

    What is you OC afraid of?

    Shimmer Solstice is afraid of loneliness.
  15. I've been nervous of wearing brony merch in places I visit frequently, like school or work because ever since the "Fired for being a Brony" incident my paranoia might be justified. That whole situation was outrageous.