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  1. Dust Caper

    Do girls draw more than boys?

    I like to draw in my free time.
  2. Dust Caper

    Would you share your Doughnut?

    No, it's like, mine and stuff...
  3. Dust Caper

    What game makes you angry the most?

    Hum. A game that makes me flip... Skylanders, for cheapening/ruining the Spyro franchise.
  4. Hey there, hell-bat ponies. So, my whole reason for making this niche (or is it?) little thread is to see if there's anypony out on these forums that loves Meat Loaf. That, and to see if I can learn of any particular gems that must've been evading me all this time! I've known about the Band for several years now, and am all over the albums Bat out of Hell, Bat out of Hell III and recently Welcome to the Neighborhood. So far I haven't really gotten around to trying most their other stuff, so, let's jump right in. My personal top 6 ML songs are these, in no particular order: Seize The Night If God Could Talk The Monster Is Loose Paradise by the Dashboard Light Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through Where The Rubber Meets The Road And here's a seventh close tie-in. Still Alive Oh, and for those that are new to Meat Loaf, the link below is for the BoH III album, which is from 2006. Bat Out of Hell III Fire away!
  5. Dust Caper

    Hi guys

    Welcome. Hello. Yes, greetings and all that good mojo. We'll meet again. P.S did you bring any muffins? Derpy is hungry.
  6. Dust Caper

    Is Summer or Winter good where you live?

    Winter definitely wins the cake, over here. Can't stand the humidity during summer though. I remember being overjoyed when I came back from my Spain holiday like, five years back, to find it rainy and storming.
  7. Dust Caper

    Permission to come aboard, cap'n

    Welcome to the Equestrian Retirement Home for really old ponies. You're not THAT old, you say? No matter. You'll fit right in with the rest of us! Run while you still c-- <Initiating Happiness_is_mandatory.exe>
  8. Dust Caper

    Skype/Discord/PSN/XBL/etc Exchange Masterthread

    Hoyhoy. You can add me at Kalthiss and stuff. I sometimes do calls when gaming, but if you're looking for chit-chat that's cool.
  9. Dust Caper

    Movies/TV Your bestest moments at the movie theater

    Watching Shrek 2 in 4D freaked me out when I was little. What happened was me legit jumping in my seat when when it started bumpin', was more of a rush than anything I'd experienced cinema-wise up until then.
  10. Dust Caper

    How did you find this site?

    I was just googling random MLP show facts and every time at least 4 of the first page results led to threads on these forums. Then, like a month or so later I finally joined out of curiosity!
  11. Well. That escalated a tad too quickly, don't you think? The way you're phrasing things seems incredibly condescending and out of line with the whole "Love & Tolerate" motto. People need to learn to let their guard down and stop being so awfully defensive. If SunBurn has a negative view on the term, then surely he/she might've had a bad experience that's led to that conclusion? Also, the Alexander Dumas quote reeks of thinly veiled ad hominem rather than anything genuine. I mean, c'mon, darkened soul? Might as well have tossed a shriveled black heart as cold as ice or two in there while at it. “I simply want to live; to cause no evil to anyone but myself.” ― Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace But, to get back to the topic.. "Love and tolerate" is just another phrase to me, as "Live and let live" was before it. I prefer to see people live up to their ideals, not monologue them to me. Words, in my personal experience, have rarely been more than just that.
  12. Dust Caper

    What do You Call Apple Jack's Big Brother?

    Princess Big Macintosh!
  13. Dust Caper

    Hey Everypony!

    Welcome to your final resting place, here where everypony belongs. I hope the stay, as permanent as it'll be, will be to your liking! Oh. And I was totally friends with Google before it was considered cool.
  14. Dust Caper

    Capricorn is your leader.

    Howdy, welcome, aloha, all that good stuff. I'm a virgo myself, never paid that much attention to zodiac signs but they're good fun to read about in the news paper! Let's be pals. Forever. Oh. And have this astrology excerpt from the Equestria Daily: "This is a good time for collaborating with others and coming up with truly workable plans, dear Capricorn. You are coming across very well these days. Negotiations not only turn out well, they actually bring you to a better place. The key right now is to share the load. Capricorns can keep a lot to themselves, but today, benefits come from collaboration and sharing, smartly and within reason of course. Talks with friends or a partner can be very fruitful now, even if they are not especially colorful! It's a better day for making solid plans and commitments rather than for expressing more romantic or flowery intentions."
  15. God-Emperor ponies are magic. Nah, but my personal vague headcanon is that pony years are shorter than human ones, so there's probably duplicate seasons or something and they aren't really that old. Or maybe they really are ageless like Tolkien's elves and I'll go back to having a blown mind.