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  1. Harmonic Alicorn


    Hello there! IGN:Hearth_moonstone I would like to transfer my home Lowest redwool at -3810 62 7957 to XX XX XX
  2. Harmonic Alicorn

    poniarcade server question

    Ok, thank you for the reply.
  3. Harmonic Alicorn

    poniarcade server question

    Hello, I am not sure if this would go here or not but was just kind of wondering, a few days ago I was on, and noticed that there was a /bal, and a warp plaza, and not longer after, about 30 mins to an hour, there was a weird crash, and the survival server needed to be reset, and since then, the /warp plaza is not back, and the /bal was put back to 1000. Just wondering, but would the plaza ever come back or was that the reason the server did a server kill crash?
  4. Harmonic Alicorn


    Hello, I am from ponymc as in played on it, before it came over to poniverse (pony arcade?) and I play minecraft, in game name of Princess_LunTia, and yes, the name is a combination of both luna and celestia, lol.