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  1. Been pretty lonely without being able to voice call my friend while he's on vacation. D;

  2. PM me for my skype~! Hoping to make some new friends this summer. <3
  3. Circus Animal Crackers (the frosted ones with the little spherical sprinkles!)
  4. My parents are far to the right, just like their parents are. Unlike my parents I don't choose things based on 'what my parents believe'. I strongly support the idea that people need to think for themselves which is probably why my beliefs stray further left than theirs. I'm not really sure exactly where I stand, but most opinions I have are more to the left. Though of course respect to those who believe differently since we're all entitled to our own opinion. <3
  5. I've tried a Durian fruit before. Those things smell bad when you cut them open, and don't taste any better when in your mouth. (for most) Someone who was with me when I tried this described the taste as "hot garbage left out in the sun". And even though it was at room temperature at the time of consumption, I have to agree that was an accurate description of what it was like to me.
  6. Yesterday I went out to Toys R' Us and got a Rainbow Dash plush with a fuzzy mane. It was the last one they had.
  7. NightfallPone

    Blood types?

    O- (A.K.A The Universal Donor)
  8. I think I would choose Diamond Tiara.
  9. Jackcepticeye and Cr1TiKaL <3
  10. Closeted Lesbian. Well, my peers all know, but my family has yet to know. I don't feel comfortable coming out to them because I feel the outcome will not be good. :c They are all fairly religious too, which doesn't help my case.
  11. Fetal position has always been the comfiest for me. I'm also a light-sleeper and I cover the blankets around my head to where only my face is exposed. I've had a fear of spiders crawling in my ears while I sleep after seeing a fake viral video that gave me even more paranoia when it comes to arachnids. ;o;
  12. I usually think with a voice that sounds similar to my own. But after binging on a certain show for awhile I had a heavy Russian accent replace it for awhile.
  13. Hmm. Five things in a friend..? Alright. 1. Decent Sense of Humor 2. Polite 3. Supportive 4. Able to give good advice 5. Understanding
  14. I see myself as being a follower most of the time when it comes to group things, but if I'm stuck with just followers I will take charge and assume the leader position to get things going. Or at least, that's what I've done in school thus far. But I do prefer doing things individually because I find it easier than relying on other people.
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