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  1. Is the Minecraft server currently down?

    Server is PC only. Also the servere is available again.
  2. PoniArcade Changelog 01 - Goodbye Dynmap, hello voting!

    Is the voting for bits supposed to be automated or manual? If it is supposed to be automated, there is no choice to insert username during vote.
  3. A transfer to 1.12: why it shouldn't be hard

    The survival server uses custom plugins which have to be updated and tested before the server can be updated.
  4. Need Help, Please

    A minecraft account and the minecraft launcher is required to join the server. Without it, you will be unable to join this server.
  5. 1.11 Transfer Information

    Airship at: X: -3555 Y: 75 Z: -1748 in old survival to X: -3400 Y: 016 Z: -15382 in new survival.
  6. Show off your art, skins and projects/builds

    Updated to allow more media to be posted on the thread.
  7. How the hay do I join!?

    You need to use the Minecraft client to join servers
  8. How the hay do I join!?

    Should be as easy as joining the server from "" and either going through the creative portal or using the "/server creative" command to go there.
  9. New Server Plans and Goals

    Small update on future plans. I were planning to build the lighthouse from Rapture (Bioshock) but decied to make something different instead. After following a tutorial in Blender I've made this: What's left now is clothing and skinning it so it'll be ready for recreation on the new map.
  10. New Server Plans and Goals

    Apparantly new plan on the build port over, since underwater builds won't be ported I've built myself an airship for that purpose.
  11. 1.9 Server Announcement

    Creative have already been moved to 1.10
  12. -erased-

    Currently alicorn is unavailable for non staff of the server, though previous users who got the class by donating before the eula was changed got to keep it.
  13. New Server Plans and Goals

    Some starter concept and ideas for my sea base.
  14. help on creative ♥

    There's a mod for downloading parts of a world called "World Downloader".
  15. New Server Plans and Goals

    I will be looking for an ocean for my dome, collect some resources plus expanding my base after that, creating a underwater forest (not of tree's), build some mushroom caves for aesthetics and probably more to come.