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  1. Hello all. I'm the new head of Tabletop Gaming at BABSCon, Elliott; I just got the job this week. I've been working pretty hard on getting the game library from last year and a bunch of official events and sponsors for Trixie's Tables. Right now we haven't got that many submitted events, though. We'll be re-opening events submissions soon so that you can submit your Tabletop game events - please do so! Also, if you've submitted an application to volunteer at Tabletop and we haven't gotten back to you, please PM me right away with your e-mail and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. See you all at Trixie's Tables!
  2. So... I'm probably going to be running tabletop RPGs at BABScon next year. Any preferences? Definitely going to do some pony specific things. NOT Ponyfinder - I really do not like d20 and d20 derived games - but probably some Fate Core and FAE adventure games, maybe a homebrew about the Lunar Dream Guard, and a playtest of an Apoc World derived game called All The Pretty Little Horses, which I'm going to try to make the lovechild of Gen 1 and FiM. What sort of tabletop RPGs do you want to play, run, or bring? And how do the proposed games sound?