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    I like drawing, writing stories, and I hope to start making some music for the brony community. I was introduced to the fandom by watching a video with Woodentoaster and H8_Seed's song Awoken. Years later, I looked into his work and became a brony.

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    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcruNi_iYt_pPysd_b74Ang

    Ilike I said, I'm into music, so here's my personal favorite brony song playlist!

    Discord (original and tombstone remix)
    Rainbow factory
    Pegasus device
    Brony appreciation medley
    Nightmare night (original and tombstone remix)
    Music to my ears

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    Earth Pony
  1. Happy birthday! 2-8-17

  2. Anyone want to help out with a Pegasus Device reading?

  3. Hey, guys. Been awhile since I posted here, but I need help with a project. I'm sure a lot of you have heard about the Rainbow Factory story. Well, the Pegasus Device is the sequel to it, and I'm trying to make a reading of it. Things are going good... but we need a few voice actors. Any help/critique would be appreciated. This is the Google doc with available characters, FAQ, etc. Let me know if you have any other questions. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-Wq2-Fy9c8daO3tYGSqHIqbrMh6IdpqD646IfH5v_ag/edit?usp=docslist_api Note: Since I don't often check my feed on MLP forums, it may
  4. The summer is coming to an end...

  5. Summer's almost over. The end is neigh!

    1. IcefireInfinite


      I'm going to miss you guys. I hope college doesn't take much time away from here.

  6. Just got my youtube channel up with a first video!

  7. Okay. Thanks. I'm still somewhat of a newbie.
  8. Still over an hour of driving left. I'm supposed to get home a little after 0100 hours

  9. Hello. Alban here. I got an idea for a type of project that I plan to be doing many times. My brother and I came up with the idea of animating our OCs to a conversation that we recorded (watch one of FireyJoker's "Taking map to seriously" vids to get an idea of what this looks like). I will be releasing a video of it when I'm done. So, if anyone wants me do do the same for a recording that you have, just send me the audio and a picture of your OC(s) and I'll message you if I am available to make the animation
  10. Driving through the night to home. Mountain Dew to keep me up all night.

  11. Driving through the night to home. Mountain Dew to keep me up all night.

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    2. Monsoon


      XD great they are probably sleeping well then I also just posted something on that lyric thing you listen to linkin park :)

    3. Alban Solstice

      Alban Solstice

      Sometimes, is was either that or awoken.

    4. Monsoon


      Because you posted lyrics from one of their songs which I recognized :)

  12. I liked how well Gilda redeemed herself in this episode. Not only by becoming friends with pinkie and rainbow, but the way she was portrayed in "Brush Off" was a very awkward way of writing. Her dialogue was much better here than it was before and doesn't seem forced at all. I'm looking forward to seeing her in future episodes.
  13. Alban Solstice

    Mash-up Song Game

    You told me yes, and held me high And I believed When you told that lie I played solider You played king Struck me down When I kissed that ring
  14. Proto because his avatar looks like it came from the depths of Tartarus
  15. I agree with Kolth. When I tried making my character look like me, I didn't like the end result. Try out your favorite colors on different parts of your OC, and see what colors to good together. The cutie mark should be something that represents what one of your personal talents is, so maybe something like a camera for your possible future in filming. The name is the hardest part. Try to make it fit your OC's personality, and keep it simple enough to where it rolls off the tougne smoothly.
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