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  1. Mega Thread

    Banned for dissing the Twilight emoticon.
  2. What I'm more concerned about in this situation is the fact that her demands are over the top and there does not appear (from what I see) much respect for the volunteers who are and were involved. First off, there did not appear to be any respect for a particular animator who supposedly had a family emergency (it sounded serious) in a fairly old video she had put up on YouTube in regards to an animation not being done in time. While she might have been joking around, it is definitely disrespectful, especially with the "hate mail" parts and the blaming (note that the video is public with over thousands of views and that KP mentioned their username along with their contact methods). Caring more about the content that are produced by others out of generosity rather than the people who are involved? Alright then. Second of all, the volunteers who KP tries to get to come along and join her team are expected to do a lot of work. One of her journal entries was asking for an artist who is able to draw up a considerably large volume of vector images (around 40 to 50) within one or two weeks. It generally sounded like a paid role. This will take up a lot of time. There are even more works that would be equally straining or possibly even more for larger projects, especially for other roles such as animation. Yes, there are volunteers who are willing to do the large amount of work unpaid but considering the first major point, it doesn't sound like a great idea. One thing I should mention is that according to a leaked document, there's a strike system that states that you would get striked if deadlines aren't met. The deadlines are typically very short for the amount of work that needs doing. Works done that have used up a lot of time can end up being redone (many times) if they aren't seen as good enough. Have I mentioned that it's unpaid work? There is a lot more information (including details and proof) but I will leave it to the dedicated Twitter account previously mentioned in this thread for that. I'm only highlighting the respect side of things in terms of time, life situations, and value in a volunteer's work. I would like to be proved wrong as the above text tells me that she doesn't deserve a team at all (not the only one saying that too). For now however, this is what I see from only just a bit of research I had done. And let me say: this drama is really proving to be effective with all the responses (including the "horse famous") and the very evident posts provided by those who claimed to be ex-staff. KP hasn't appeared to have commented on the drama (publicly) as of the time of posting this. If this is all true, I do hope that KP is aware that there should be more respect and that the working-hard-on-tight-schedule thing should really only be done for those who actually would gain decent profit from it at the end. Heck, Patreon would be a good help for that. (There's issues in regards to asset theft so if that's also the case then that should be sorted as well but that's besides the point.) Quick thing: I watched her videos in the past. I was never a fan of the videos, one of the reasons being that it's rushed-looking. There were some good videos but.. yeah. Nothing special here. Morning edit: I should throw out that I personally don't like getting involved in drama, especially if it's something that's potentially controversial. Although I'm not the one being harmed here, I do feel that others should be aware in attempt get things changed if needs be. I never had any beef with KP. That is all I would like to say as of now.
  3. Mega Thread

    Banned for stating a fact.
  4. Mega Thread

    Banned for unbanning.
  5. Mega Thread

    Banned for ending up with a 1v1 ban session.
  6. Fandom Q+A

    Thanks for answering my previous question. I was amazed by the amount that had to be drawn up if I have to be honest. Haha. Next question is for the sake of curiosity (though not the best to ask): does anyone from DHX or/and Hasbro know that you're doing Q&As here in regards to the show?
  7. Fandom Q+A

    Hello, Ward. It's awesome to see you again in these forums. According to one of your answers, it sounds like you would have to storyboard the episodes (very) long before release and that makes perfect sense considering the work that has to go into them and the effort from the others before and later on. So, my question is this: approximately how long did one episode (can be "On Your Marks" for the sake of it) take to storyboard in your case?
  8. Mega Thread

    Banned because same thing.
  9. Mega Thread

    Banned for ... kind of correcting?
  10. Mega Thread

    Banned for causing this site to fall into chaos.
  11. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a good thing to have a birthday on Easter.

  12. Mega Thread

    Banned because WW3 is what we may end up having if a certain somebody wins the US election. (Don't take that seriously. Please. :3)
  13. Mega Thread

    Banned because that's what pirates do.
  14. I usually use YouTube a few hours after release of an episode so that there's a higher chance of it being up at least one that's (full) HD. If there's nothing on YouTube then I would go to DalyMotion later on. As I'm probably going on holiday soon for 3 weeks at some point, it's likely that I would have to resort to /the app/ if episodes are released during the time period.
  15. Staff

    Congrats on the new role, Fhaolan!