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  5. Kitsune*

    SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad As the two made their way towards the pub, Dynamo chuckled happily at his girlfriend's enthusiasm. He closes his eyes and sniffs the air. Humming softly in delight on the wonderful smell of food wafting through the air. "The smell is amazing. I guess they make some pretty good foods and drinks at this pub. I'm really looking forward to seeing what this place has to offer. Shall we, m'lady?" He asks as the two began making their way inside the pub. "We shall." she giggled as they walked in and found a couple stools at the bar. "Let's see what they have on the menu. I am craving some salmon, I wish they had some meat on the menu. I guess I will deal with the vegetarian chili cheese fries and apple ale. What about you?" She asked as she set the menu back down. She slowly scanned the bar and the dining area that was close by. She leaned on her stool just enough to be able to use the mirror behind the bar to look into the pool hall which was in the next room. She wanted to make sure that there was no chance that they would be running into Sasha.
  6. Kitsune*

    SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad He shook his head and took a deep breath, so he could ignore any worrying and continue to enjoy his stay here with his girlfriend. "You don't have to apologize for anything, sweetheart." He says, giving her hand a reassuring squeeze. "I would feel the same way, if I ran into my old bully, Cosmic. After you showed me your messages, I can see why you would be on edge to seeing him in person. That does bring up a good question. What is he doing here in Canterlot? Didn't you tell me a while ago that he was living in Manehatten?" He asks while trying to figure out the situation placed before the couple. “I remember him saying he was taking a vacation. I wonder if it turned into a longer one. Or... I know his boss has him come to Canterlot quite often to trade for more blacksmithing supplies or to sell some of the crafts that they make when they have had some down time.” She said as the two made their way outside of the shopping area. She was concerned and thought about her post from the train. She tagged Canterlot as their destination. -Meanwhile- Sasha slowly peaked around the corner of the alleyway next to the mobile shop. He watched as the blue pony and vixen made their way out of the shopping district. “Kity, why?” He began to follow the couple for a while until a large group of tourists rushed through the area causing him to lose sight of the couple. -At the Pub- “Oh, the smell is so amazing! I’ve only been here a handful of times when I was in school at the university. But man, it sure smells the same.” Kitsune sniffs the air and closes her eyes, lost in memories.
  7. Kitsune*

    SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad As she continued to show him some more shops, he continued walking, but stopped as he noticed that she wasn't moving forward. The sound of her cup of lemon aid dropping to the ground in the process. He was going to ask why, but was pushed into a shop behind a display, dropping his drink outside in the process. Thankfully, he was nearly finished his lemon aid, but he still gave Kitsune a confused, yet concerned look upon his muzzle. "Is everything okay, Kity? Did you see something around the area? Is there something or someone that you're trying to avoid?" He asks as she peaks up from behind the display before ducking back down. “Sasha.” Was all she was able to get out as the two hid. “What in the world are you doing over there!?” The shop keeper was making her way over to the cople. “I...uh..’ she looked over the display slightly and could still see Sasha in the street. She felt like he was starting right at her. ‘I lost my contact. The silly thing was causing a terrible itch and as I took it out it popped right out and now I’m just trying to locate it so I can put it away.” She quickly took out her reading glasses to try and sell the whole situation. “I see, well be quick about it. I don’t need patrons to be interrupted. The shop pony wen back to her business and Kitsune took another quick look outside. Her ears perked as she heard the ring of the shop bell. Her heart stopped as she looked at the door. She breathed a sigh of relief just seeing as two teenage ponies were entering the shop giggling and making their way over to the mobile phone accessories. “Okay, I think the coast is clear. But... maybe we should head over to the pub sooner rather than later.” She looked at Dynamo and stretched out her hand. “I’m sorry, I just... I can’t deal with Sasha. It’s one thing to ignore his calls and texts. But it’s a bit harder to avoid and ignore when he is standing in front of you.”
  8. Kitsune*

    Private Keidran Love (with Kitsune*)

    @Fenneko As Kitsune finished her song she began to slow her breath. Whenever she plays that song she puts her whole body into it. T it takes a lot out of her emotionally. But it is her most precious song to her. She has never played that song other than to herself. It was something that she didn’t feel like she wanted to share with anyone quite yet. She felt wonderful now, she turned back to the tavern and looked up. She saw Scarlet with her dressing gown on. As the sun was still rising the light was shining upon her that nearly made her glow. She was stunningly beautiful, her heart skipped a beat and she smiled. She felt like she could spend quite a long time here in this village. She was looking forward to being here and calling Scarlet Rose her own. She gave a gentle wave, “Good morning beautiful.”
  9. Kitsune*

    Private Keidran Love (with Kitsune*)

    @Fenneko Kitsune lay awake for a while after she knew that Scarlet was fast asleep. She could feel her heart beat, it was almost if it were to a new rhythm. She quietly listened and contemplated. Her mind went to her music. The followinf morning she woke as the sun began to rise. She gently got off the bed, not to wake Scarlet. She went to her bag and pulled out her sheet music. She began to jot down some ideas and then pulled out her violin. She made her way quietly out the bedroom door and down into the tavern and outside. She went to the side of the tavern where the bedroom window was open. She found a nice grassy area and began to play.
  10. Kitsune*

    SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad Dynamo looked around while they walked to see if there was anything good place to eat. "I'm a little bit hungry, but I should be okay. Are you feeling hungry, sweetheart? Maybe we can find something light that we can on the road with us?" “I’m okay for now. There are a couple shops I want to make sure we hit before heading back to the hotel. But we can spend the rest of the afternoon here and then head over to the pub for dinner and drinks!” She smiled at Dynamo as the two walked hand in hand. They go into a shop here and there. They are enjoying the warm afternoon. A light breeze was blowing and helping with the heat in the air. She found her favorite lemon aid shop and got them both one of the best. They take them with them as they move down the sidewalks. She looks around and starts to see familiar places. “That’s the shop where I got my first tattoo.” She points. “And over there is where I first posted on Ponytube. I was so nervous.” She pointed out a few other key spots before stopping dead in her tracks, drops her cup of lemon aid and quickly pushes Dynamo into a shop and behind a display just out of view from the street. She peaked up just a little bit and then ducked back down.
  11. Kitsune*

    SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    After breakfast the couple made their way to the castle tours. They took their time as they still had a bit before they started. Once the time was ready a guard pony and a tour piney took them around the castle. Inside and out so they could get the full effect. There were certain areas of both that they couldn’t see for privacy or security reasons but the tour was amazing just the same. They learned about the history behind it and where the original castle was. Which was Kitsune’s favorite because she spent years growing up at the ruins of the two sisters castle in the Everfree Forest. When the tour was over the tour pony did take them to a small area where they could take pictures for a few or to purchase any sort of merchandise. The couple looked around but nothing seemed worth the price. They thanked the tour pony and guard pony and made their way to the shopping district. “Do you want to eat first? The places to eat around here are in the middle.”
  12. Kitsune*

    SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad ”Yeah, the shopping district has a mall like thing there I guess you could call it it’s really more of an outside mall that streches quite a ways. Long enough that they have bikes for rent so you can ride up and down the area.” She said as they began walking. I can’t wait for breakfast! It’s the best meal!” She giggled Kitsune blushes as she felt his kiss on her hand. “And I You.” She said. They made their way downstairs and into the dining room. She was so excited to see fresh fruit, eggs, biscuits, pancakes, waffles, orange juice and instead of dessert this time, there was a cereal bar with so many different cereals that you could imagine. She quickly got a plate and got fruit, scrambled eggs, and 2 biscuits. She got a glass of orange juice and then made her way to the table.
  13. Kitsune*

    SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad “Yeah, the concert is Sunday night and the musical is Tuesday evening.” She said as she pulled out the tickets to make sure she had the right dates. “Well, let’s do the castle tour then today. It starts at noon and is about 2 hours long. We can have a late lunch and then hit up the shopping district. That will be fun. We can get dinner at the pub.” She writes it all down. “Sound like a plan? Let’s go grab some breakfast. It smelled just as amazing as last nights dinner!”
  14. Kitsune*

    SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad She felt the unicorn hug and kiss her neck. She reached back and placed her hand on his head as she pulled him close. "Morning love. I got some coffee for us so we can start to plan our day." She says as she pulled out a paper and pen. "What would you like to do today? The castle tour? Gaming area? shopping?"
  15. Kitsune*

    SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad The next morning the couple had slept in, it was nearly 9am before Kitsune woke up. She was ready to make the day. She got up quietly and made her way to the bathroom to change and brush her teeth. She was replaying last night and a smile appeared on her face. She was extremely happy and glad that she told Dynamo how she felt. She knew that this would make them stronger. She finished getting ready and went back into the room. She quietly made her way out of the room and downstairs to grab come coffee's and brought them back to the room. She quietly opened the door and sat down at the little table waiting for Dynamo to wake up. She sips her coffee slowly just listening to the music.