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  1. 1023244.jpgSome days are pretty good



  2. @Dynamo Pad Hey, I'm sorry that I haven't been on for a while. Things were crazy with work, having to be there for 10 hour shifts. And we are getting ready for a house guest for a couple weeks. I will be on tomorrow for LOTS of catch up! On our RP and many other things lol.
  3. I will look at both of your OC's and see which one will work best. Who knows maybe we can turn it into a private group. I will get back to you both in a couple days. I have been a bit preoccupied with work and getting things ready for a house guest.
  4. *steals away your avatar and cuddles them forever*


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      That is a bit uncalled for! No one steals me away!! I AM my avatar!! 

      so.... you would have to steal me... and well... I'm a bit too 'sly' for that!! XP

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      Well I'm a slime. :3
      So I can be crafty lmao

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      *Kitsune enjoys the pets*

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  6. SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad "Hey Kity! I'm all ready to head to the arcade. After that, we can still hang out." As he made his way over to her, he couldn't help but notice the worries expression upon her face. He places a calm and comforting hand upon her shoulder as he looks into her eyes. "Hey. Are you okay? Is there something wrong? You can tell me Kity. Maybe I can help you out if you need assistance." Kitsune looked up, she fidgeted around trying to get up and after she was up she brushed herself off before grabbing the wagon handle. "Oh, it's nothing really. It's just Sasha, he sent me a weird text, I think he got into another fight with his girlfriend, but he won't tell me stuff like that until after things have calmed down. So I try not to push him too much, but he still worries me sometimes." She shook it off and put a little pep in her step. "Hey... I'll challenge you to a guitar hero duel! Loser buys the winner some coffee and a cinnamon bun!" She laughed, and pushed him a little trying to egg him on. "By the way, my coffee order is a medium iced French vanilla latte. Oh, and I like the orange cinnamon bun, slightly heated. So that way you know for when you lose!!" She loved to tease him, but she also knew that he would play to his fullest potential to have her play at her best, only to 'mess up' at the end so she magically wins by a point or two almost every time. He was really cute in that way.

    1. The_Gobo


      Gotta love some Miku =w=


  8. Supernatural [Sign-Ups]

    This sounds interesting. I'll keep an eye on this to see if there are any other takers. But when it's up and running count me in.
  9. Looking to just do a basic slice of life type of role play. I would like to do anthro with either one of my OC's Kitsune, or Stardust. Both are in my signature and I am willing to use the one that will best fit with your OC. I think it would be fun to have a bit of mystery in the story, keep everyone on their toes a bit. Let me know if you are interested. :]
  10. 10/10 awesome bat pony!!
  11. 10/10 cuz I said so.
  12. @cjhoward I will try and put some stuff together and see how you like it. It should only take me a few days. I will keep you posted.
  13. SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad Kitsune smiled up at him as they walked in the direction of his home. Once they had arrived she waited for him outside. She sat down in her little wagon and just thought about everything that was going on. It seemed like everything was moving so fast, but then again what can you really do when two people open up like they did. She wanted to make sure that he was taken care of and she wanted to be the one to do so. She still had some doubts but as long as she was confident in herself and trusted him then she didn't foresee any issues, at least major issues that is. "Hey, how are things going?" Sasha sent a text "They are going very well. Dynamo and I are dating now." Message sent. "Oh... well I told you he had a thing for you when I was there." Sasha said. "I guess you were right after all, lol like always." Message sent. "Yeah... well that's good.... I thought you guys would have never gotten together because you are stubborn. lol" Sasha sent the message. "I wasn't even sure I would tell him, I was really nervous, and I still have my doubts, everything is still so brand new and it makes me nervous." Message sent. "Oh, yeah... I know that..." Sasha sent. "What's up? You don't seem like yourself today." Message sent. "It's nothing... I'll talk to you later, don't want to bug you too much." Sasha sent. She was worried now. Sasha never acted like that before, she wasn't quite sure how to deal with it. She didn't want to have it ruin her mood and then ruin her day with Dynamo. Especially because he took the day off to spend it with her. Maybe she should tell him to just go to work and she can go home and call Sasha and then try to get some work done herself. She was so conflicted, she didn't want to be a burden or be all moody. But she also did really need to do some work, she knew she could make up for it this weekend. She decided to split up the day. She would tell Dynamo that she felt a bit tired after lunch and that she should get some rest and finish some work and that they could hang out this weekend. That way she would be motivated to get things done, instead of having to spend her whole weekend inside. That would be a good idea, but then again... ugh, why is this so difficult... I'm torn between the two guys that I care for the most right now. I really don't want to have to be in this position. She really needed to just make a decision and stick with it. She told herself that she would make her final decision once Dynamo came back outside.