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  1. Over the last few weeks I have come to quite a few realizations. Some are quite eye opening. Others I knew but was not willing to accept because of prior beliefs and feelings.  I now know myself better than before. And I won’t apologize for who I am.🦊

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      Believe in yourself; as always. <3

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      I'm curious what these things are, but you haven't shared them, so I'll assume most of them are private o3o


  2. SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    After breakfast the couple made their way to the castle tours. They took their time as they still had a bit before they started. Once the time was ready a guard pony and a tour piney took them around the castle. Inside and out so they could get the full effect. There were certain areas of both that they couldn’t see for privacy or security reasons but the tour was amazing just the same. They learned about the history behind it and where the original castle was. Which was Kitsune’s favorite because she spent years growing up at the ruins of the two sisters castle in the Everfree Forest. When the tour was over the tour pony did take them to a small area where they could take pictures for a few or to purchase any sort of merchandise. The couple looked around but nothing seemed worth the price. They thanked the tour pony and guard pony and made their way to the shopping district. “Do you want to eat first? The places to eat around here are in the middle.”
  3. SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad ”Yeah, the shopping district has a mall like thing there I guess you could call it it’s really more of an outside mall that streches quite a ways. Long enough that they have bikes for rent so you can ride up and down the area.” She said as they began walking. I can’t wait for breakfast! It’s the best meal!” She giggled Kitsune blushes as she felt his kiss on her hand. “And I You.” She said. They made their way downstairs and into the dining room. She was so excited to see fresh fruit, eggs, biscuits, pancakes, waffles, orange juice and instead of dessert this time, there was a cereal bar with so many different cereals that you could imagine. She quickly got a plate and got fruit, scrambled eggs, and 2 biscuits. She got a glass of orange juice and then made her way to the table.
  4. SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad “Yeah, the concert is Sunday night and the musical is Tuesday evening.” She said as she pulled out the tickets to make sure she had the right dates. “Well, let’s do the castle tour then today. It starts at noon and is about 2 hours long. We can have a late lunch and then hit up the shopping district. That will be fun. We can get dinner at the pub.” She writes it all down. “Sound like a plan? Let’s go grab some breakfast. It smelled just as amazing as last nights dinner!”
  5. SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad She felt the unicorn hug and kiss her neck. She reached back and placed her hand on his head as she pulled him close. "Morning love. I got some coffee for us so we can start to plan our day." She says as she pulled out a paper and pen. "What would you like to do today? The castle tour? Gaming area? shopping?"
  6. SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad The next morning the couple had slept in, it was nearly 9am before Kitsune woke up. She was ready to make the day. She got up quietly and made her way to the bathroom to change and brush her teeth. She was replaying last night and a smile appeared on her face. She was extremely happy and glad that she told Dynamo how she felt. She knew that this would make them stronger. She finished getting ready and went back into the room. She quietly made her way out of the room and downstairs to grab come coffee's and brought them back to the room. She quietly opened the door and sat down at the little table waiting for Dynamo to wake up. She sips her coffee slowly just listening to the music.
  7. SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad As Dynamo had finished getting changed she had taken off her robe and had tossed back the covers. Her heart was racing a mile a minute. She watched as he made his way back towards the bed. She knew it was now or never. She leaped out of bed and walked with a purpose to him. She put her hands on the sides of his head and pulled him into her. She kissed him and she could feel his surprise. She pushed him against a wall and continued to kiss him. She felt his arms grab hold of her waist and she gently pulled away. “I love you Dynamo. More than you could even imagine. I love you and I want to show you just how much you mean to me.” The music continued to play as the couple went to bed.
  8. SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad As she was in the bathroom she pulled out her pajamas. Which consisted of a top and bottom. They matched and were some of the softest material she could find. She quickly got them on. Put her robe on over that and quickly brushed her teeth and straightened out her hair. She picked up her other clothes and made her way out to the room. “Your turn.” She said as she emerged. She made her way to the bed and got tucked in. The songs on her iPod continued to play on random, but she knew her playlist she had chosen would be perfect for what she had planned next. Nothing too fast or too slow. Something with a medium tempo.
  9. SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad “you know me so well.” She giggled and got out of bed and grabbed her backpack which held her iPod. She quickly plugged it into her little speakers and turned it on. “Things are going well with my music. I finished up some sheet music for the university orchestra. The teachers there really like my work.” she gets to the right song and hits play. “This is one of my favorites.” She sways to the beginning of the song and then picks up her bag again. “I’ll get changed in the bathroom.” She said as she slowly made her way there. She shut off one of the lights on her way so it wouldn’t be too bright. She was trying to set the mood.
  10. SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad As the show began, Kitsune fell into place and relaxed in her boyfriends arms. She was content. The cop drama was rather interesting and she could even see herself starting to watch it back home. Mad the show got about half way through her mind started to reel. She wasn’t sure if it was the right time, did they want to watch another episode. Should she suggest turning it off, but what if Dynamo just wanted to go to sleep? She just wasn’t sure what to suggest. But she needed to think of something quick before the episode was over. She had roughly 10 minutes left before the episode came to a close. “Hey after this do you want to find some soft music and we can get ready for bed and discuss what we want to do for tomorrow?” She figured that would be a good start. Giving her time, and he wouldn’t be ready to fall asleep quite yet.
  11. SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad “Okay, let’s see what we have to watch. Something that we won’t like get too sucked into, don’t want to start a binge now. But something that will be amusing.” She said as she watched Dynamo get things started up. She leaned into him and rested her head on his chest. She could hear his heart beat, a steady beat. Hers was starting to slow down, and for the time being she wanted to keep it that way. “Oh! That looks like it might be good. She mentions the title of a cop drama. Something not too intense, and something we know we can shit off at any point.” She said.
  12. SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad He continues to eat but smirks, as an idea began to form in his mind. He took a small dab of ice cream and placed it on her nose. He then leans over and kisses the ice cream off of the female vixens nose. "Sweetheart? Why didn't you ever tell me you tasted so sweet?" He chuckles before taking another bite of his dessert Kitsune wrinkles her nose and laughs. “Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet.” She gives him a smile as she finishes up her dessert. She places her dishes aside and waited as Dynamo finished up his ice cream. Mince they were both full they made their way upstairs. Kitsune opened the door and they made their way inside. She looked at her bag and her heart started to go a bit faster. She took a couple slow deep breaths to help her calm down the oversized bed was incredible. She laid down and her eyes widened. “Come lay down!” She said excitedly, “this bed is amazing!”
  13. SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad “So, first night here, do you want to stay in tonight, or go out?” She asked in anticipation. She was hoping he would say he wanted to stay in, she had planned a little surprise for him if he decided to stay in the first night. As they sat down, Dynamo placed a hand under his chin to think, while contemplating on what to do. He placed his hand down and nods. "While it would be cool to go out tonight, I think it'd be better if we stayed inside. We can still explore the town and figure out where to go during the night hours. Plus, we can plan out what we want to do each day during this week. What do you think, babe?" He says as he cut his tofurky with a fork and knife and took a bite of his dinner. Kitsune nodded in agreement as she began to eat. She was less nervous than this morning, but she thought that her hunger overruled any nerves she had at the moment. “Hopefully they will have some good channels or at least some Poniflix.” She was trying not to think about the plans she had. She would just relax, go upstairs, talk, cuddle, watch some tv. She didn’t want to build up the nerves because she knew that if she did, she would end up chickening out. “Oh wow, this food is so amazing!” She looks down at her empty plate. “I think... I shall get that cheesecake that has been calling my name all evening!” She got up to go to the dessert side and pick up a slice. She made her way back to the table and took her first bite. “Oh my god!” Is all she could say ans her body shot with a sensation of happiness. She giggled and continued to eat.
  14. SoL 1x1 with Kitsune and Dynamo Pad

    @Dynamo Pad He soon sighs in relief and laughs as he eventually figured it out. "I hate when one has to use a key card to get into a room. To this day, I can never figure it out for the life of me. I do the steps right, but the card doesn't ever seem to want to work for me." He shook his head as they made their way inside. Kitsune giggles as she watched him struggle a bit and finally get the door open. They make their way inside and put their things away. “Ready for dinner? I’m starving!” They made their way back down to the main floor and locate the dining room. The food smells amazing. They have a little buffet set up with vegetable casserole, salad, a baked potato bar, some sort of jello looking thing and a dessert bar. She kept eyeing the cheesecake. She knew that was going to be her dessert! She gets her plate and fork and goes for the salad and baked potato bar, filling her potato with butter, cheese, sour cream, tofurkey ‘bacon bits’ green onions salt and pepper. She waited for Dynamo and they made their way to a table. “So, first night here, do you want to stay in tonight, or go out?” She asked in anticipation. She was hoping he would say he wanted to stay in, she had planned a little surprise for him if he decided to stay in the first night.