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  1. @@RainbowBobSquareDash, That's a good idea, but there's one problem with that, Trixie is reformed.
  2. Doesn't Human Twilight look like Adrian from the Rocky movies?? I mean, how did NOBODY see that???
  3. Here is every picture I've made of Me and Sunset Shimmer so far! n123-d995692 (1).png]fan123-d98x6th (2).png]
  4. Hey, check out these pictures of me and Sunset Shimmer i made!! Tell me what you all think of them!!
  5. You sure? I've seen every single episode of MLP, and I don't remember it. I remember them in their Dragon/Siren forms in the beginning of Rainbow Rocks, when Twilight was telling the Mane 5 about the Sirens and how they took negative energy from Equestria, but they were only in their dragon form in a book, in a picture. And then at the end of Rainbow Rocks, their Siren forms were shown, but they weren't REALLY in that form. i'm not really sure what it was, but i think they were becoming Half Dragon Half Human, just like how the HuMane 7 become Half Pony Half Human whenever they sing. Only difference is that there was their actual Siren forms, but I think it was a hologram coming out of their pendants, when they had a "Real Battle of the Bands". But I swear I don't recall them ever appearing in anything aside from Rainbow Rocks. I'm pretty sure for now, they're exclusive to Rainbow Rocks, unless of course they make an appearance in Friendship Games or something like that. I really don't remember there being an appearance by the Sirens in the actual TV show. Heck, Sunset Shimmer is never mentioned in the TV show, so why would the Sirens/Dazzlings be any different? If you really think the Sirens/Dazzlings appeared in Friendship is Magic, please tell me the name of the episode. You may be talking about the episode when Spike left Ponyville to live with his kind, and Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity went after him. If that's what you're talking about, then I'm 100% sure the Sirens aren't in that, though there ARE other Dragons in it.
  6. @@SerenaTheMoonPony, I agree with you on that. What I see is Sunset making amends with Princess Celestia, but then explaining that she would rather live in the Human World, because that's the place she's gotten used to, and it's pretty much the place that she now calls home. So she'll make up with Celestia, and then she'll return to the Human World. Maybe she'll come visit Equestria every now and then, but she DEFINITELY won't be staying there.
  7. No No Man. it goes like this: Meatloaf Monday Taco Tuesday Cheeseburger Wednesday Pizza Thursday Hot Dog Friday And those are all of the lunch days at Canterlot High. I don't remember the Sirens/Dazzlings ever appearing in the actual show...
  8. Thanks so much!! I worked hours and hours on it! The boy is me in EG style, dressed up as Ash Ketchum, and obviously you know Sunset Shimmer is Misty.
  9. Hmmm... Well apparently she had to have been somewhere in "Equestria City" if she knew about Canterlot High... Maybe she lives in the downtown part of the city or something.
  10. Still going with Equestria City, since Canterlot already exists in Equestria.
  11. Haha, anytime a movie is in theaters, it's in all theaters. Yes, that could be a reason. Or you could just watch it on the internet when it gets posted. That's what I'll be doing.