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  1. It's too bad, I always liked these figures for their sculpting and show accuracy. I have the entire collection and I'm pretty happy with all the characters they made. I was only hoping we could get a Starlight Glimmer oh well.
  2. I can't believe it's been so long since I've been on here :( I missed this place

  3. Interesting. Hasbro seems to think just on the cheeks for all of them (as far as the dolls go)
  4. Sunset188

    The Long Wait.

    I think we can manage, we'll have season 6 and more Equestria Girls so it's not like we'll be deprived of ponies
  5. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Jk I'd miss a few things like tv shows and movies or video games, but that's about it haha
  6. Yeah it is just a rebrand but I do agree it isn't as good now. At least they still have MLP but there are too many documentaries and reality shows on at night now.... it's stupid
  7. Over the past few years I have gotten Pinkie, Twilight, RD, and Fluttershy. I'd also like to find an AJ and Rarity
  8. Sunset188

    Equestria Girls Mini

    These really are so cute, I can't wait for them
  9. This is a wicked cool idea however it seems too focused on early generations for my liking. Not enough FiM
  10. Yeah I was feeling the same way until the past few episodes. Even with RD too. I just feel like everything has been Applejack and Rarity for the most part, especially since it came back from the hiatus. Idk maybe it's just the way the episodes were in order
  11. Hmm good question. Probably Sunny returning to Equestria. But only if it was just for a visit and she would go back to the human world to be with her friends
  12. I saw that tonight, it was really cute As for the movie I'm dying to see; Star Wars Ep. 7, hands down.
  13. Sunset188

    Equestria Girls Mini

    For real though. I want these so much but without Sunny it will feel so incomplete
  14. It doesn't matter to me if it ends up being as popular as those movies, all I'm concerned about is enjoying it myself.
  15. I actually don't remember this at all, I will have to go back and watch again
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