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  1. I can't seem to connect. Also Fluttershy is best pony.
  2. You mean like Twilight's hot air balloon, or the swan boats in Manehattan? I'm happy with that kind of stuff as long as it fits the world and doesn't interfere with the story. More MLP toys sold -> more funding for the show. But I hope they don't all start drinking Pepsi or something. Something like that would be too distracting imo. (Those transformer ponies are awesome :P)
  3. Hi, This is Hay, and I'm posting a request for IGN I_Katniss_I since they don't have a forum account. SurvivalOld house is at: bottom SW corner = x:+23666 y:72 z:+26274 top NE corner = x:+23684 y:96 z:+26251 Survival new location should be somewhere nice close to: bottom SW = x:+1525 y:62 z:+1866 top NE = x:+1543 y:86 z:+1843 Thanks! <3
  4. I can only speak for myself, but this is kinda what I'm thinking too. This is the first season that I've actually felt disappointed with. There have been some episodes that I've loved this season, but there have also been many that I just haven't liked, and they seem to be correlated with all the new writers who have just joined this season. Many of the episodes this season feel like they're missing that charm that the show usually has, for me anyway. For example, I feel like I lost some respect for the Wonderbolts in Newbie Dash because they've never been just blatantly insensitive like that before. They knew Dash didn't like her nickname, but they kept using it anyway. Also in today's episode (28 Pranks), Dash was being just plain mean to Fluttershy in a way that she hasn't since S1. Even after the other ponies sat her down and said, "seriously stop; you're hurting other ponies," Dash basically said, "I don't care; I enjoy it." I realize that in life we often end up having to learn the same lessons over and over in different ways, but Dash's change today felt like such a jarring step backwards for her that it didn't fit her continuity for me. Maybe this season will grow on my eventually, idk. Hopefully I'm over-analyzing. I'm glad lots of people are still enjoying it though!
  5. *eats le hay*

  6. I uploaded the recipes for these in case anyone wants to make them in their own maps. I added a link to the recipes to the original post in this thread.
  7. My Minecraft schedule is pretty random, but I'll try to log in for a while each weekend after the episode with banners to give away. And I'll try to make a Discord one!
  8. I planned them out here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/banner/ And then made them on survival. Thanks! I'm giving away free copies on the PArc MC survival server if you want any.
  9. Find me in game if you want any. (I'm giving them away for free.) I try to log in for a while after the episode each weekend. Edit: If you like any of these and want to make them yourself, I uploaded the recipes to http://www.planetminecraft.com/collection/18901/letseathays-pony-banners/any/?morder=order_order LetsEatHay ԐǐЗ
  10. Cool, I hadn't heard there was an official date yet. So the next episode is Sept 12 then, right? Since this hiatus happened exactly half-way through S5, I doubt if there will be any more hiatuses (hiati? ) in S5.