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  1. Why hello there. Haven't seen you in a while o.o

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. You know, I can see why these movies are classics. I just want to talk about them, so much more than anything I watch nowadays.

  4. Just asking those who watched Requiem for a Dream, but isn't what the doctor did illegal?

  5. Requiem For a Dream is so fucking intense.

  6. I feel like I've already read this somewhere. Weird.
  7. Bronium

    Settle Down.

    Sure you are expressing your opinion and are free to do so on the internet but you don't need to go into such elaborate detail of why something pisses you off. Why not? See, the thing about the internet is that you aren't shouting it out in a public forum where everyone is forced you hear your mindless, inane chatter. Readers have a choice as to what to read. It won't get anybody anywhere and do more harm than good in a social enviroment like this one. Also, rants aren't inherently negative. They can bring up some decent arguments up and they could start a whole new debate, which might be beneficial to both the ranter and the replier. Sure, sometimes the thread can boil down to insults, but that can happen on any thread. Also, your use of inclusive language is nigh on infuriating. That's personal preference though. Also, your hypocritical much? I get that you referenced your hypocritical but it's still hypocritical.
  8. My English teacher is so awesome. Just provides so much resources for me.

  9. I just heard the highest pitch voice ever

  10. Crysis 3 came out? What? I didn't hear anything about this. Weird.

    1. ProjectRKA


      I didn't hear too much about it either. Only saw a few ads about it.

    2. Bronium


      I didn't see any. Crazy.

  11. Would any of you read a blog post which was about Jam and Toast (but in reality, it's actually about reality).

    1. TheBronyHeart
    2. Bronium


      Then get ready for a 1200 word long essay detailing twenty bites of twenty different pieces of toast, spread over(pun intended)two slices.

  12. I think I have made piece with English class. It's fun with my new teacher. We discuss ideas rather than essays, which I wholeheartedly support.

  13. What about the "just likes watching a TV show" kind of brony? I feel left out, since I am none of the brony types you mentioned :c I kid of course, but really, how many bronies fit into one of the categories?
  14. I'm afraid you missed the hate boat on the pony fetish my friend. I remember seeing a lot of hate for those into that kind of stuff, but nowadays people hate on the people who hate on the pony fetish. Either way, you probably should keep safe search on like always, if you don't wanna see porn there. Even if the search isn't MLP related because I'll tell ya, there's MLP porn on the most random searches.
  15. Screw that I have 3 tests next week ( They count for like 1/10 of my grade) I'm gonna play D&D this Sunday. It's been a month since I last played. I gotta roll my custom dice.