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  1. looks like i am gonna need to reset Sony Vegas, its taking forever for my project to load

  2. i am currently watching some creepypasta videos for halloween, (and i might probably go ToT)

    1. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Sounds like fun, enjoy! :)

  3. all hail the reptilian brotherhood hissssss (but seriously, i keep seeing those comments on every yt video i go to)

  4. holy shit, my brother's bithday is today and so is this site as well, damn, time does fly fast

    1. Alpharius


      Indeed it does

  5. Ok so everyone knows what EDM is right? Most People Like EDM but few people don't but i am gonna ask a question to the people who like EDM songs, what are your favorite EDM songs? mainstream nor non Mainstream. For Me, It will have to be these three songs here (mainstream) (for those who dont know what song is that, its Hoohah By Curbi And Fox Stevenson) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and as for the Non-Mainstream ones (We Wont Be Alone By Feint) (Protostar And Mandrolli - Ruxxa) (Anime Bae by Sushi Killer and Kevin Villecco and yeh those are my favorite EDM songs (Mainstream and Non Mainstream) and so, what is your favorite Mainstream or Non-Mainstream EDM song
  6. wonderful DnB song by feint, recommend to everyone ^_^
  7. Damn, Finally done with my reading project after many days 0_o

  8. and oh, the new episode was gr8

  9. this is a gemsona that i drew on my dad's new phone but its a WIP drawing so it may not look perfect but improvements will come soon, Feedback appreciated
  10. Hey, Hey you! Yes You, have you ever wanted to make the most dankest MLP artist ever in the brony fanbase? well, you came to the right place m'boi, cuz today i am gonna teach you how to make the most dankest mlp art and get you to be the most dankest MLP visual artist ever. Step 1: Plz don't get any of those shitass paint programs like paint tool sai, Photoshop, etc. NO NO, instead use MS Paint AkA the greatest piece of painting software ever, If you have windows, it come installed on your pc so there is no need to even install that! Step 2: Once you have MS paint opened, make sure to grab/select the paint tool to start your masterpiece (and dank) MLP arts n shit Step 2: Draw, Draw, KEEP ON DRAWING EVEN GODDAMN MORE, until you are satisfied and happy with the dank art you drew, your art may end up like these masterpieces of dank art here there and this And that ladies and Gentleponies, is how you make Dank MLP art. Now you can be a dank MLP artist now if you followed all of these steps. Thanks for reading this dank Tutorial and bai (DISCLAIMER: THIS HOW TO GUIDE IS KNOWN AS A SATIRE GUIDE AND ITS NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY, PLEASE DONT TAKE THIS AS A SERIOUS GUIDE CAUSE THIS GUIDE IS A JOKE GUIDE, PLEASE DONT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY PLEASE, THANK YOU)
  11. You know, YouTube isn't the enjoyable site it used to be but still a wonderful place to watch original videos by content creators. though that isn't the case there at all, no no.... There is always that community that is actually a mix of Love, Hate, Salt, Insults, Weird Stuff, More Insults (and Flame wars), and etc. and you know what community i am talking about yes, i am talking about the YouTube Community and although the YouTube community may have Few Nice people there, that doesn't mean the same for the rest of the YT community, The YT community is probably one of the most Flaming Communities i have seen and let me set and example for this, when you watch a video regarding a console boosting up sales or PC being the biggest market for game and finish watching it you would be like ''Yes! that awesome, lemme check the comments here'' then you click on the comments and what do you see? Trolls Starting to cause Flamewars and A crapton of Console fanboys insulting PC users and you would be like ''Why'' And The problem gets worse when it comes to bronies (us). so Say that you are yourself, browsing YouTube, then you decide to comment on the video on how the video was great and etc, then you go away for a few hours, and then 2 hours later, you come back, you see 100+ replies, and those replies are people Calling You ''gay'' for having a Pony as your profile picture, and saying MLP is ''cancer'' . well, now you see my point here, YouTube may be a Good site for watching videos but the community is just salty and full of trolls that want to cause a lot of flamewars. Now I am not saying that we should insult Anti-Bronies or Try to stop these wars but these are just my personal opinions about the YT community as a whole. So, yes, this was my whole opinion on The YT community and how they treat each other in the comments. Thanks for reading.
  12. also, today is friday, yey ^_^

  13. fetishes are weird, and they will be always weird or common.