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  1. Im back :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bing


      i don't know i was kinda depressed and stuff

    3. Chara


      I get it, welcome back though.

    4. FlutterFly761


      Yay! Welcome back Bing!

  2. We miss you, Bing.

  3. Bye everybody i am no longer a brony dont try to co0ntact me

    1. dead


      Can I ask why?

    2. Jaxsie (Inactive)

      Jaxsie (Inactive)

      I would be inclined to believe you, only that if you were really done with the fandom, you would have deleted your account. I hope that whatever it is that's got you upset would work itself out. :)

  4. Might plsy minecraft its been a while since i last played

  5. Got VAC banned on steam i don't even hack

    1. dead


      same thing happened to me :/ now I cant play tf2 at all anymore.

  6. Im gonna try to design an OC

    1. Chara


      A great place to go is here! Pony Creator v3

    2. Paladybug1



  7. any game can get me mad xD multiplayer gtames usually the people ghet me mad and single player if in cant figure it out i get mad lel
  8. Well after i posted how it was hard to write rap im in the middle of writing an mlp horrorcore song witch is like violent rap lol

    1. Flutterstep


      xD I would love to hear that! :)

  9. Man writting lyrics for regular songs and rap is really hard :/

    1. Chara


      i IS NOT DONE IN hours but days

    2. Sky Knight

      Sky Knight

      I cannot rap at all.

  10. Hey everypony i was wondering if anypony can give me some rap lyrics like somebody start it off and then you have to keep going with the flow like go off of what the other pony says and ill make a beat and video of me rapping to it with your forum names on screen i will wait till i have enough lyrics but i thought this could be a fun little project the lyrics can be about mlp and whatever you want it just has to flow!! Thanks -Bing
  11. Can somebody tell me where i can request a signiture Zach Eclipse told me but i forgot

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    2. Bing


      Thank you guys :D

    3. Chara


      But if you want to not wait long I would recommend you to detail you're signature as much as you can.

    4. FlutterFly761


      If you're interested, the following link will take you to a guide on how to make one:

  12. Im tired stayed up all night watching MLP

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    2. TheLegoBrony


      who needs sleep when you are part of the NLR

    3. FlutterFly761


      I know the feeling. I do the same thing a lot of nights. Eventually you get to the point where you can get by on very little sleep. I bet that Luna stays up late interacting with ponies.

    4. Bing


      Lol i will rest when i finish im half way through season 4

  13. Hello =)=))=)=)=)=)

  14. Thanks for the kind welcome CosmicSpark!!!! xD