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  1. Heyo fellow Bolt :-P

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Radiobolt

    (Happiness Thread)What made you happy today?

    I went to the guidance office this morning to help with organizing my homework!! I'm taking an AP class this year so, I needed help with it
  4. Radiobolt

    Gaming Games you'd like to get, but can't

    Alright you that's fine Horde or Alliance??
  5. Radiobolt

    Best place to take Twilight for a burger?

    Okay I see that makes more sense aha. I love Culvers!!
  6. Radiobolt

    Best place to take Twilight for a burger?

    Ahhh I love Culvers I'm guessing you live in the Midwest, or even better yet, Wisconsin?? Cause I heard Culvers is really only in the Midwest in the U.S.
  7. Radiobolt

    General Media The Official Pokémon Thread

    When did you become a fan?: About when I was 6... I'm 15 now!! What do you like most about the series?: I love the childish aspect, and how adorable the Pokemon are (or how freaking epic they are.) Who is your favourite Pokémon?: Luxray!!! Ahhh I love Luxray so much Who is your favourite human character?: Dawn ^^ if you're going with the games I'd still say the female in D/P/Pt What is your favourite game?: Diamond and Platinum!! I started on Diamond and I love how in Platinum you can get all of the Legends from that gen Do you like anything outside the games? (i.e., anime, manga, TCG, etc.): eh, I don't like the anime anymore, never even bothered with the manga, and the TCG stopped being relevant once I got to be around 10 aha. I can't think of anything else.
  8. Radiobolt

    Gaming Most annoying enemies on games?

    Oh I forgot, the bats in Dark Cloud 1!! They poison you and you're just beginning with low health -_-
  9. Radiobolt

    Favorite food?

    I love pasta, especially fettuccini Alfredo. I also really love chocolate, and icecream I also love enchiladas, and any Asian/Mexican food.
  10. Radiobolt

    You like driving?

    I can't drive yet, I will in the next year, but I feel like I'm going to murder somebody aha. I'm very worried about driving in the future. I freak out easily and I feel like I'm going to lose my head.
  11. Radiobolt

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Anybody here listen too Metallica? I'm new to the thread so They're literally my favorite band to ever exist. I also love KoRn and Tool! ^^
  12. Radiobolt

    Do your parents know you're a brony?

    My parents didn't know until they saw messages between me and my BF. Honestly, they don't care, they just thought it was funny because I used to hate on the briny fandom so much until my friend got my curious. XD They'll probably buy me stuff for Christmas MLP related.
  13. Radiobolt

    Gaming Games you'd like to get, but can't

    Dude, I know a free server that you can go to. :3 Want me to PM it to you?
  14. Radiobolt

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Feeling sad and lonely again.
  15. Radiobolt

    Things You Had to Learn The Hard Way

    Beliving that I can be happy with myself and the world, and happy in general. Everything fucks with me when I finally become happy.