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  1. WindClan territory, dusk. @@The Cerberus, @@Unicorncob, Featherfur began strolling back through the territory with his patrol at a brisk pace, thinking carefully about the conversation which had just taken place and the glares from some ThunderClan cats. Exasperated simply with the recollection, he continued to lead everyone else through the WindClan camp entrance and proceeded to settle down in his nest. RiverClan camp, dusk. Moontail emerged from her den upon hearing her leader call a clan meeting. Hurrying over and sitting down comfortably, tail looped neatly around her front paws, the medicine cat pricked her ears and listened closely to what Stormstar had to say. Moontail took note of every cat who voiced their disagreement, exchanging awkward glances with a few before facing the clan leader again.
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  3. "Thank you, then," Featherfur replied. "It shouldn't be too long before things are resolved." He spotted Slumberfur keeping on eye on him and the other Windclan cats, and narrowed his eyes at the Thunderclan warrior before flicking his tail and turning to face his patrol. "I do think it's time we got back," he said. Lavenderpaw gave a polite smile before hurrying after Featherfur as he gathered the party and prepared to head back to camp.
  4. I know it's probably very unlikely she'll win the poll, but I'd love to give Cyan Flare a chance of being on the banner of my favorite forums site!
  5. @@Blitz Boom Cyan Flare hovered just above the treetops and watched the drama unfold on Ponyville, peering through the leaves and past damaged buildings. "I still can't see much..." she said. "But it looks like a lot of the monsters are gone..." "Good, good," Golden Spell remarked, entirely unsure of what exactly was going on but just happy to hear that it probably would not have to involve him or Cyan. "As long as we are here... should it take long for the town to be taken back?"
  6. Yes! They're pretty nice. What's your favorite Pokemon?
  7. If I was to tell the entire story of this one, I do think it would take up a whole page, so I'll shorten it down into keywords: I'm A Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here! (this year's), Ant and Dec, magical flowers, plants, Flowey, mountains, kitchens, dragon-summoning, UFOs, Lady Gaga, hauling a closet out of the house, rearranging posters, duck-shaped alien ships, using said ships as boats and playing laser tag with the stars of I'm A Celebrity..., aaaaand... That's about it. And trust me, I'm seriously not even making any of this up - I've had some pretty crazy dreams, but that one by far is certainly the strangest. Also, I had that dream the night before last; or was it the night before that...? I've kind of forgotten, but it was the most recent one which I can recall. Jbh.
  8. @@Unicorncob, Come to think of it, Featherfur realized with a jolt, Riverclan had never said clearly that they did comply with Winclan taking the territory. 'But if they didn't agree with us, they should have spoken up about us already having marked the borders,' he thought, reassuring himself. 'We're still not in the wrong, here.' The large cat nodded to Owlheart, appreciative of his words for once. "That is true," he agreed. "I'm sure we'll find some way to work it out."
  9. I Don't Love You - My Chemical Romance
  10. I'm currently watching, as well as MLP: Sherlock. Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D (although I haven't seen the new season yet.) Steven Universe. I've been especially interested in Sherlock lately, though. I didn't think it would really be a show I would like at first, until a friend showed me it. I can see why it's so popular - particularly on Tumblr - seriously... (Trying not to go on too much, but it's really incredible. )