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  1. Well, my snake has been looked after now for about 2 weeks by one of my friends. I miss him, especially because I have another week left out of the house :dry:

  2. Well isn't that what this website is for? Bringing up spirits? I have yet to meet anyone mean or disrespectful on this site and I'm pretty sure there aren't any or at least VERY few. Everyone here is very supportive about literally anything someone does. That includes you buddy, you are respected by a lot of people on this site. Other people do too that aren't on this site but IRL. No need to feel down about yourself, it's just those pesky demons in ya mind. They don't really exist but we do. Now come here for a hug m8!
  3. MESME!!! I need comfort :,( I favorited someone's picture on DeviantArt but I didn't really want to and now this person is following me. He dresses up in clown outfits and he said he likes to bounce in balloons. THIS IS FREAKING ME OUT AND I'M GETTING SUPER STRESSED THAT HE IS GOING TO FIND ME!!!

    1. trademark2


      *dons clown outfit* RAAARGH Fear me! Mesme can not save you! Muahahahah

    2. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      ...Not sure what to think right now. O_o

    3. Green Spirit

      Green Spirit

      *freezes in fear*

  4. I feel sick today......yaaaaaaaaaay. I have a headache, my chest hurts and I feel weak all over.

    1. Barpy


      I hope you get better

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    2. Green Spirit

      Green Spirit

      I like to try and seek my snake on my bed. I normally find his tail first and eventually get to his head. I once fell asleep with him on my lap and woke up with him still there. I got scared that I lost him before I saw him there XD he is a good cuddle buddy though <3

    3. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      Are you sure he didn't put you to sleep? ;)


      Seriously though, that is all kinds of cyoot. :)

    4. Green Spirit

      Green Spirit

      He is a very lazy snake which is what I love about him. Don't have to worry about where he goes because I know that he will just get tired and take a nap wherever he is.

  5. I feel sad......my spider ran away.......

  6. Dang, my neck is sore and has been acting up for the past week now. Can you fix it?
  7. Greeeeeenn!!!! OWO

  8. You know, all languages seem different but really they are all the same

    1. Green Spirit

      Green Spirit

      I don't know why I said that


    2. Barpy



      just expressions emoticons and how things look like by different composition and tone of words

  9. I'd put a top hat on you and then balance a potato on your head.
  10. I used to only like electronic music like from F-777 or EnV. Songs that had no lyrics but instruments in the electronic theme. But after listening to Heathens from 21 Pilots, I have started really liking their songs.

  11. Well, today is the first day of school! Oh boy! Can't wait to see that bell ring at the end of the day! Seriously though, I'm already missing sleep in days....

    1. Barpy


      i have week more. of holiday *quitest yay ever*

  12. What kind of spider are ya anyways?

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    2. Green Spirit

      Green Spirit

      Pppppffffffssshhshshhts noooo.

    3. Untitled Goose Q

      Untitled Goose Q

      I shall call you Boring McBoringface

    4. Green Spirit

      Green Spirit

      Humph! Vary well then Brad. *disapears and reappears on top of a tree* We shall talk some other time.

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