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  1. Honestly I share the same thought that the movie will be the official end but however in a few years there MIGHT be a new series and the show will be rebooted yet again. I'm not gonna have high hopes, but I do know if they screw it up they will have RIOTS on their hands, and I pray they don't confirm all ships, such as twilight and flash sentry, but in general it will be good till the end, but if I didn't know better i would be surprised if they did a cliffhanger into either another movie or a brand new, rebooted series, I just pray to celestia that it's nowhere near as bad as teen titans go
  2. Ever get the feeling like your gonna puke? I hate it especially when I have a sore throat and my dad's making me go out to eat at an all you can eat buffet
  3. i usuaLly try to kill the ones that deserve to die, such as flash sentry, anyways why do you have a bad feeling about next month?
  4. just the usual, who will I get next, when and where, also keeping my friend shadow from going on a murder spree and killing flash sentry (i know it sounds cleche but he is close friends with the observer so sometimes they go do messed up stuff like that) on yeah I almost forgot to mention that shadow is dating rose luck now, he pulled her into the real world where they can be together forever after he saved her life, hope about you?
  5. my oc is in the film since I signed a contract with Hasbro to let them use my oc whenever they want, and if your going to be a buzz kill then pls don't even bother posting in here since I'm actually being honest, it really ticks me off
  6. Hey everyone my friend shadow or "fred bear" as he is known on here as let me put up an ask me on this forum so if you guys have any questions about me, shadow, or any of my fellow proxys then feel free to ask This is ticci Toby just to let every pony/body know
  7. I'm back from the dead of night, anything new?

  8. all I know is his name is shadow and he will either be sunset shimmers boyfriend or aria blaze's boyfriendWhich ever is best for the story lol
  9. I'm watching Wes Cravens new nightmare, one of the best sequels ever

  10. I also like this one I ecspically like it when sunset shimmer tells rainbow dash her email and rainbow dash cracks up also I like how pinkie pie and celestia are wearing those big sunglasses at the end
  11. when I seem this I thought "oh my gosh that is the best thing ever" you guys should watch this vid it's hilarious, and what my OC would've done if I owned the show but it's a lot better this way lol