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What's up everypony!? I am StealingShad3Z, a stallion with a song always in his heart and the hooves to bring it to life. I am 20 years old from the deep south of Mississippi. It was a slow descent into the world of being a brony but i am officially hooked. The artistic talent that flows from this show and it's fans is amazing and in my oppinion the music is the best part of it. After discovering PMV's by BronyDanceParty on YouTube, I was led to artists like MicTheMicrophone, Glaze, and TheLivingTombstone. I write music in punk rock, techno, and acoustic. Next to my songwriting i put my music and other videos on YouTube also for a more visual experience.


Just look for StealingShad3Z on YouTube as well as other social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


You can also listen to my music on pony.FM and Soundcloud


Purchase my music on Bandcamp


This is StealingShad3Z once again saying WELCOME!!!

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