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  1. In all honesty i will say the brony music community has grown to a level where the music industry should be noticing, it just determines on how we deliver the message. Now this is coming from a brony that puts vocals in his music, so this primarily focuses on that more than instrumentals and remixes I dont directly reference the show in my music (unless its a just for fun song or a cover) so i can expand my audience, instead i "subliminal brony messages" you might say, things a brony would spot that a non brony listener wouldnt. Ive show my music to non brony friends and they're like oh this is good and then I'm like "its based on a my little pony fanfic" or something and theyre like what?! Now another factor that ties in is the genre. Of coarse EDM is the largest genre in the fandom, but brony music has expanded into the genres of rock, folk, and even country. Artists like prince whatever, aviators, and forrest rain accomplish bringing pop punk and metal into the fandom. I myself record in these genres, my music stays in the punk genre with my power vocals while adding metal, folk, and for my new album im working on, EDM. With influences like Breathe Carolina, Owl City, Attack Attack, We Came as Romans, Bring Me the Horizon, and so on. Mixing together a punk and hard/post core feel with the beats and synths of EDM. So is it possible for brony musicians to make recording deals? Its just in the deliverance of the lyrics.
  2. StealingShad3Z

    15 Years- A Hardcore Punk Song

    I watched the mini movie "My Little Dashie" based on the popular fanfic. The story was so heartbreaking and touching that I teamed up with SrightryAmiss and we wrote this!!! This is the second song for our debut albmum!!! Since my screamo lyrics or not always the clearest, heres the lyrics: The first day that i saw you My world was coming down The same old life in the same old town I wondered where you came from I’ve watched you live and grow Cause you were just a filly on the street with nowhere to go So do you have to go and leave me here by my self Before i found you my life was a living hell You were always my little girl (You were my crutch, you were my world) so dont believe that this is goodbye because of you these past few years have been the best of my life So can fly through the skies and be free but in my heart you will be my little dashie to me I refuse to let this day end i call up the stairs but you never comedown I know you fear the truth but i know youll come around Just remember theres an open door (you can come in, just tell me when) so dont believe that this is goodbye because of you these past few years have been the best of my life So you can fly through the skies and be free but in my heart you will be my little dashie to me Well can you blame her She finnaly with her kind But dont forget me for this will always be your sky and i will never forget you so dont believe that this is goodbye because of you these past few years have been the best of my life So you can fly through the skies and be free but in my heart you will be my little dashie to me so dont believe that this is goodbye because of you these past few years have been the best of my life So you can fly through the skies and be free but in my heart you will be my little dashie to me The first day that i saw you My world was coming down The same old life in the same old town I wondered where you came from I’ve watched you live and grow Cause you were just a filly on the street with nowhere to go
  3. StealingShad3Z

    Fallout Equestria Themed Album Covers

    I have some new projects im working on with other brony musicians and ive just had FOE on the brain and since one of the songs is FOE based i just cant get enough of this gritty art design!!! and it definitely screams metal!!!
  4. StealingShad3Z

    StealingShad3Z Album Artwork

    One good thing about when i do my music is the fact i design my own album artwork.
  5. Originally this song was gonna be acoustic song, but it turned into this soft indie-punk sound that i just had to keep adding onto with airy vocals and a highly distorted electric guitar in the background all topped off with heavy reverb to give the song a bit of a ring Part of my EP Equestrian Serenad3Z on Bandcamp
  6. StealingShad3Z

    Wings Do Grow- Dedication and Sisterly love

    Bout to reupload a revised version, lyrics needed some touching up
  7. StealingShad3Z

    15 Years- A Hardcore Punk Song

  8. StealingShad3Z

    She's My Rarity Is Now On YouTube Even though this song has been on Soundcloud for nearly a month now, i wanted to put a new video up to celebrate the continuation of Season 5
  9. StealingShad3Z

    She's My Rarity Is Now On YouTube

    well guys you can now own this song for your self
  10. StealingShad3Z

    15 Years- A Hardcore Punk Song

    well we cant please everypony, we worked hard on this, and this is our sound, we go, well, Against the Herd.
  11. StealingShad3Z

    Harmony feat. SlightlyAmiss I dont think i ever posted about this song but its one of my most popular songs with the brony community. Featuring the sweet guitar solos of my friend SlightlyAmiss (now known as SrightryAmiss) this dance tune was inspired by the Season Two premiere
  12. Ever thought about what it would sound like if Spikes feelings were put into song. Well this song answers that... Second Track from my "Equestrian Serenades" album I had the first version up a while ago but the vocals were too strained... this new one should have less strainy vocals
  13. StealingShad3Z

    She's My Rarity Is Now On YouTube

    Okay you make a good point on talking about my mixing on this song and i have a good explanation, when i mixed this song i did not possess studio headphones and i was working on Garageband instead of Logic, now that i possess both my music is coming out a lot better, plus since im an Audio Engineering major, ive expanded my knowledge of mixing even further in the past few weeks. Next song is a punk rock song, my vocals are gonna sound a little different since im using a specialsinging technique to reach some high notes in the song, but the music is well mixed so far and ill be recording the vocals this sunday. I tried one song in logic already but there were some mixing issues with it so it had to get tossed. Either way just keep an eye out on my soundcloud and channel. Also if you draw fan art please submit fanart for i may put it in one of the videos or on my twitter. You guys are a lot of help to me in this fandom relating to my music so thank you!
  14. StealingShad3Z

    A Punk Anthem for Fluttershy Not all the instruments are done, still need to add the bridge and final chorus and then some bass, maybe some lead guitar and piano, and of coarse vocals, but ill be done with this by next Friday since thats when this project is due in my class lol
  15. StealingShad3Z

    Babs Seed and Acoustic Guitars This is one of my favorite songs off the show i cant wait to record the vocals!!!
  16. StealingShad3Z

    Change Isn't Always A Bad Thing

    Okay guys, along with the new OC design, you might have noticed most of my latest projects have been straying away from the techno songs to the more acoustic/punk rock genre. Well i wont say im completely out of the techno genre, but i have been spending more time writing some sweet rock songs for you guys. Heres the deal I had one techno house/punk song i was "gonna" finish. But after listening to the instrumental a couple of times i chunked it. Now on the bright side I have three new songs about to come out, two of which have instrumentals on soundcloud right now. Heres what I'm getting at, currently there are two albums I'm working on: "Raise You're Hooves And Revolt", and "Equestrian Serenades". The first is the big one, this album focuses on my works in hardcore punk, of coarse currently the album possesses one complete project "Until We Are Marked". Well right behind that we will soon have another song titled "You're Always With Me", a song that is about the relationship between Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle (yes im gonna get hate for that). Heres the thing I love the shipping of those two. Now I know a lotta "Twilight Sparkle-Waifu Claimers" have the severe urge to kick Falsh Sentrys plot clean across equestria, well i think it was pretty cool seeing twilight get those "transformed into Teenage girl" harmones raging. Im the biggest nerd for shipping in anime and MLP so yeah you better call UPS cause I ship it! Okay now were really off topic, back to what i was getting at with the song. This song was inspired after listening to music by Prince Whatever on You Tube. This hardcore punk song talks about the times when pony twilight is away from Canterlot high. The song will mix hardcore screams and light warm lyrics for the vocals. I guess you could say it expresses the rage, Sadness, and even hope we feel when were away from someone we care about. The song is my first piece coming out of Apple Logic Pro X and with new equipment and plug ins, the music is much higher quality and professional sounding. The next one doesnt need much explaining, Babs Seed. This is one of my favorite songs in FIM, its got this severe punk vibe, the beat is catchy, and the vocals and lyrics are great. I especially wanted to cover this after hearing an amazing rock cover by Acoustic Brony. But I thought, "hhhm... what if instead i did an 'acoustic rock' version of this song. The song features all acoustic guitars playing both rhythm "and" lead and a deep bass that creates some solidity among the warm guitars. Now vocals havnt been recorded yet for the song but they will be soon. Now since I am a major in audio engineering at Delta State University, I am required to perform three recording sessions per semester. Okay this is the chance of a lifetime because ill actually be working in a studio! But its my first time so were gonna keep the song im recording simple. "You Don't Have to Hide" is an acoustic punk song about my OC and Fluttershy (yep my Waifu). This song was severly influenced by punk band "Mayday Parade". Though I thought about making the song full on pop punk instead of acoustic punk, i thought it would take too much time to overdub the instruments since im on a tight schedule with this project. Now thats not a final decision because I am working on a full rock version of the song as well. So well just see how things turn out. Well that about covers everything up to date with my projects so StealingShad3Z out.
  17. StealingShad3Z

    my redesigned OC

    What up everypony StealingShad3Z here. Well winter is on its way and the spiked up hollywood hair I had can lead to a chilly forehead. So I have decided to let my bangs down and grow out the sweet locks i once possessed. And just like me, my OC is going through some changes. Besides the longer main (of coarse due to me growing my hair out), my OC is now.... a unicorn? ??? Yep Shad3Z is now a unicorn. I'm a brony musician, so of coarse being an earth pony that played guitar could be a bit tedious. So tada... hoooorn! Magical ability to lift a guitar or mic? Start the music!!!
  18. StealingShad3Z

    my redesigned OC

    hahaha im laughing so hard... okay maybe the mic can be on a stand... You wanna talk about a pony that can play any instrument just look at pinkie pie, shes played drums, a an accordion, even a flugle horn And yeah that could be the thing that my OC possesses a special magical ability to bend sound frequencies. but maybe my oc wouldnt need to levitate the guitar, the reason i said that was because itd be kinda weird if my OC could stand and play guitar, i might make an exception at some point but i thought the horn would make rocking out a little easier
  19. StealingShad3Z

    Waifu Stealers and Metal Vocals are currently in progress, that goes the same for two more songs. This is also my first song coming out of Apple Logic. Yes its about Flash and Twilight, sorry Flash haters, Fluttershy is my waifu so Twilight have at it.
  20. StealingShad3Z

    my redesigned OC

    Okay well imagine this. I dont play guitar with my hooves, but instead use my horn to levitate the guitar and play it, serious skill. Now as for the whole thing about ponies playing fretted string instruments, you might wanna give Ocatavia a call Also walking around with a floating mic is aaaawesome... watch Brony Dance Party's pmv of beyond her tomb. Mic the Mic killing it with dat floating mic.
  21. StealingShad3Z

    Until We Are Marked From my You Tube Channel, where you can view my music and get some looks into my life!!!
  22. StealingShad3Z

    New Equipment, Higher Quality

    Okay so i know i havent posted any new tunes lately but fear not for i have just been settling into college. I am busy with classes but i am still recording. I have Apple Logic now, and new stereo headphones. so my music will come out sounding even better than ever, and since im majoring in audio engineering itll get even better than that!!! This is one song im currently working on (no vocals yet) and i also have a cover of Bab Seed that i am about to record!
  23. StealingShad3Z

    New Equipment, Higher Quality

    metal i shall be working on as well
  24. StealingShad3Z

    "She's My Rarity"- Spikes Thoughts Sung Out Loud

    "Now as for the next song i wanna ***wright***" hooves make it hard to to type lol ^-^
  25. StealingShad3Z

    "She's My Rarity"- Spikes Thoughts Sung Out Loud

    I understand i knew the vocals were too strained i jus wanted a second opinion... as for the Woah thing... i agree i thought about it but i just wanted to keep the song pretty simple and keep the vocal track to a single track (well the same track panned) but the only extra thing i added to the vocals was the title repetition with a telephone effect... i dunno i just didnt feel like i wanted back up vocals on those parts... but i suppose i can give it a try to see how it sounds but im quite happy with how it sounds right now since this version has received quite some positive feedback To be honest ive quite enjoyed playing these little acoustic tunes for all you bronies... theyre simple, fun, and easy to mix, that also goes for techno, metal is fun to write and play but recording electric guitars is a pain in the plot Now as for the next song i wanna wright, i feel like doing a cover of "Babseed" since its like the most AWESOME song in MLP!!! Also after hearing AcousticBrony's not-so-acoustic rock cover of it I really want to right an acoustic rock version for all you ponies