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  1. This is boring. awesome to all of you. I wish you luck being in the MLP Forums team. You really really really want to be in the team so go for it! You wanna.
  2. What's the age limit on MLP Forums?

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    2. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      It's for safety, for younger ones, and because of the worry of parents. Rules are rules, the forum needs to have those. Why tough, aren't you 13 yet?

    3. 碇 シンジン
    4. Jeremiah
  3. This two posts will be highlighted at the same time as they resume quite well what we want to show you, . No human community is free of friction, but we do try our best to offer the userbase the most friendly and open enviroment possible. That's the lesson here. Why don't you go outside and try to interact with other users here? Send someone a Personal Message, talk with them on some thread, and you'll see what we mean. Source: Ponyship forum Lightwing really meant " speak to users on the forum" and not "speak to people IRL"
  4. Doop. Wat‼ Maybe, just maybe...You nether* know!* - minecraft fangirl
  5. Yep. Dee-dah-dooh-doob-dee-dah-dooh-doob. It would honestly surprising if it wasn't true, @MLPFanatic34. Makes Sense.
  6. Correct! But what is the dashie dancingWe do not know.
  7. we have the same fave ponies and species!

  8. Yeah, . Duhh. It couldn't be more surprising than Midnight Sparkle appearing AND Queen Chrysalis appearing
  9. A pink bunny hopping around Rarity and Maud Pie. Swag boxes and pies lol
  10. What's the hex code for fuchsia?

    1. Lightwing



      That's the code for the fuchsia colour.

  11. animating dash

    1. Lightwing


      I hope that you enjoy it c:

  12. I noticed that you have the caramelldansen Dashie, and I had a resized version of the animated version for forum use, which looks even better, so if you want it, have it. c:
  13. no. I only interact on virtual games and forums No. I will not speak to people IRL!
  14. As you may not have noticed, I recently made a FimFiction book called The Secret Of One, where Apple Bloom is a changeling. I added a password, which is changeling. My username is bozzle. Search that to read The Secret Of One!
  15. Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash