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  1. *Sets crumpet in front of you*

  2. I was 20 when I got started on it. My college roomate got on Netflix and started streaming it. I was playing a game next to the tv, but ended up watching that episode more than I played the game. I ended up looking it up on Netflix myself and watching to the end of season 4 about a week later. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure, but I don't really hide it, either.
  3. I used to, occasionally, with my Princess Twilight(Twilight best Main Poneh! ) but not anymore, as she seems to attract copious amounts of lint that I have yet to find a way to effectively remove from her fur( spending 3 hours picking it off by hand is NOT fun, not to mention the cat hair).
  4. This was years ago, but on Bioshock 2( my first experience and playthrough with a Bioshock game), I was taking one of the Little Sisters back to her vent after harvesting 2 ADAM corpses, and i accidentally pressed the button to kill her. I can still remember her cries of 'No! Daddy!' *shudders*
  5. I've been reading the Fallout:Equestria fanfic recently, and with the release of Fallout 4 on november 10th, i am looking forward to it, and to mirror's edge; catalyst in february.
  6. Society changes slowly, but someone must start that change. If a person wants to, let them walk around in a rainbow dash costume with MLP tshirt and a plushie. It doesn't matter as long as no one is getting hurt. Though, I have heard that some areas are particularly intolerant, to the point of threats. And as for me, I have MLP backgrounds on my computer and a 'squee' ringtone but other than that, i havent really had much opportunity to go out in public with MLP merchandise, as I really only recently got into the fandom and have yet to fully tackle the familial aspects of it.
  7. Worst food I have ever had: some deer jerky someone made. it was waaaay too salty Worst drink: I made Earl Grey sweet tea with Nashville city water(tap water)... one sip made me shudder in revulsion. I love that variety of sweet tea, but the water... i could taste and feel the chemicals.
  8. happy birthday!!

    1. Leprechaun99


      Thank you! Sorry for being slow to reply. It's finals week for me.

  9. happy birthday =)=)=)

    1. Leprechaun99


      Thank you! Sorry for being slow to reply. It's finals week for me, right now.

    2. 碇 シンジン
  10. i use a pair of Sades SA-708. They were about $20, and have surprisingly good sound and mic. They're also quite comfortable, fitting nicely over the ears. I'm a gamer and a bit of an audiophile.
  11. Lol I can't wait for this to start!
  12. I would probably work as a veternarian or a doctor, or maybe a counselor/psychiatrist.
  13. I got introduced to MLP:FiM by my roomate in september of 2014. I got interested, and marathoned the show. the rest is history.
  14. Hello there, and welcome to the forums! We're pretty friendly around here, so i"m sure you can find some friends to discuss MLP with. There's even a whole section devoted to it, along with fan clubs for various ponies. Glad to have you join us!
  15. Hey there! Welcome to the forums! We're glad to have you here. If you have questions, feel free to ask anypony, we're all pretty friendly here.